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Experts rule out space debris

Experts rule out space debris

A Mexican meteorologist has posted pictures of a mysterious mineral field that fell from the sky and ended up in a tree. It wouldn’t be space junk.

Mysterious metal ball. Credit: Isidro Cano Luna / Facebook

Mysterious metal ball Big tree top in a city in Mexico. The strange discovery, accompanied by two explanatory images, was announced on Facebook by Dr. Isidro Cano Luna, a former meteorologist at the Tacubaya Meteorological Observatory (Mexico City) who has worked for years with the Mexican federal government. For years, the expert has specialized in producing weather reports for the many followers who follow him on social media. So he is a reliable person, even if at the moment he cannot be ruled out as being mysterious metal ball It might be a joke.

It all started on Sunday, July 31, when it wasGoal He was seen falling from the sky by some witnesses. The ball ended up on top of a tree in the village of Lomas de Rio Medio 4, in the northern region of the city of Veracruz, as Luna himself reported. Those who saw the ball fall said that made a sound, but it wasn’t as fiery as one would expect from an object returning from space. The fact that she rested on a tree is also very puzzling. Luna specified in his letter that the piece appeared to be made of “high-strength plastic” or a certain metal alloy. It also appears to be equipped with an antenna, as evidenced by the photos.

The meteorologist wrote that it could be a piece of China’s Long March 5B missile crashed to the ground (out of control) in recent days. But as it is known, the parts that survived returned to the atmosphere It ended up in Southeast Asia, certainly far from Mexico, moreover, as noted earlier, the sphere does not have the typical combustion signs of an object from space. It is no coincidence that Dr. Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at Harvard University and the Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics who specializes in space debris, He told Newsweek To suspect that the object can be associated with it space junk. “I doubt this. It doesn’t immediately present itself as space debris. The timing is also questionable. It couldn’t come from the Chinese missile, which fell from another part of the world, but it might just be a ploy to imitate it. I need a better picture,” McDowell noted. Much to say for sure.

“It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture: I’ve improved it a bit and it looks like a fuel tank of some sort with a fuel hose,” Professor Martin Swining, a famous aerospace engineering professor, told the same newspaper. Surrey Space Centre, UK. “It could be a titanium tank from a spent rocket stage, but it doesn’t look deformed by the heat of re-entry, nor is it damaged by a high-speed landing. It may have nothing to do with the Chinese rocket stage,” the expert added.

In a second post, Dr. Luna that the ball was removed by a specialized team who “wrapped” it with all necessary safety measures. In fact, he recommended those present not to approach and not touch the object due to potential danger Radioactivity. Therefore, an official comment from the Mexican authorities is awaited. As indicated, it cannot be excluded that it may be a joke related to the fall of the Chinese missile. The scene naturally aroused a lot of curiosity among fans UFO (or better UAP, as they are called today) and many hope for an alien. However, the joke seems to be one of the most logical explanations at the moment.