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Experience Island 9, is it really a break between Alessandro Otera and Carlota?

Experience Island 9, is it really a break between Alessandro Otera and Carlota?

repetition between Alessandro Oterres NS Carlotta Addacher. The two met during the latest edition of temptation islandHe entered the show with his ex-girlfriend Jessica Maccheroni, is the temptress.

Inside the village see some of the positions from Macerone with one David Basolo, they brought Alessandro For the decision to close permanently with the single Carlotta.

During the last fire Alessandro NS Jessica They decided to end their relationship and threw themselves into the arms of their bachelors. If the attendance is between Jessica NS David not start. So much so that it looks dating someone elsebetween things Alessandro NS Carlotta They seem to be heading in the right direction.

These days there have been various rumors about the end of their acquaintance, if indeed autera on vacation with Alessio Tannone NS Tommaso Elite, the beautiful Roman through a post on Instagram To confirm the rumors:

Although not directly confirmed, the reference to Alessandro It seems quite clear also thanks to the answers he gave to the various comments. In fact, for those who commented:I hear the noise of the elbows The seductress answered eloquently, mocking the expression he often uses Alessando (common sense):

Yes, those are obviously going to nibble himself.

To those who commented that their presence was like a dip in the style of a girl, Carlotta Reply:

The truth is that I never like to stop at appearances, I always try to go further, but every now and then he makes a mistake.

The post provoked numerous reactions, in fact users fully supported his decision. over there Adacher Most of them responded by agreeing with their words, thus leaving no room for doubts about their breakup.

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