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Ex-Tronista flies to America and looks like another!

Ex-Tronista flies to America and looks like another!

Teresa Langella The Italian icon is known to the audience for the role Men and womenThis program was created and run entirely for love Maria De Filippi on Channel 5. On that occasion, the ex-Dronista saw some celebrities, but he started a relationship Andrew Dal Corso After that the two never separated. And so they are still together, forming one of the most stable couples born within the exchange.

Teresa Langella changes her look – Source Ig @verissimo

However, in the last few hours Langella has caught the interest of her loyal followers not because of her love story but because she informed them that she will be traveling to America.

Especially now that it is you love meBut what caught the attention of the network was not her journey, but the look she chose to display on this occasion.

A completely different look As she has always stayed true to herself by showing off her long raven hair compared to what we have become accustomed to all these years. But now he wanted to turn it all upside down, and a series of footage to prove it won some success among fans, as it was not only unrecognizable compared to before, but also very beautiful.

Headline by Teresa Langella of Men and Women She made a noise at the net because they had never seen her like this.

Men and women, Teresa Langella changed her appearance in America: photos set the Internet on fire

Teresa Langella We decided to fly to America looking completely different from what we saw her in when she attended the show’s hit show. Maria DiPhilippiWho believed during the program All his future plans. The long hairs are gone and a black bob has appeared in their place.

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The series of scenes left his loyal supporters speechless in a way they never expected Such a change For her part she has always stayed true to her original look but this time she wanted to make an exception to the rule.

Don’t worry though. It’s about what you see in the footage A saurimudi That former Dronista Men and women She wanted to wear it to try something different, and the result was very positive, because despite the rise, she looks very beautiful, and who knows if this wig will not convince her to try such a cut in everyday life.

Teresa Langella has taken everyone by surpriseBoth the “dangerous” choice and its beauty.