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Ex-Magistrate Scarpinato: “Let Messina Tenaro catch himself.”  But Baiardo da Giletti was the only one who stumbled

Ex-Magistrate Scarpinato: “Let Messina Tenaro catch himself.” But Baiardo da Giletti was the only one who stumbled

Matthew Messina Money He would have allowed himself to be taken voluntarily. He requested it tonight broadcasting Roberto Scarpinato, former attorney general of Palermo in La 7 and today M5s senator, added: “Messina Tenaro no longer exists. Diabolical As we christened him, that is, a very sophisticated mafia boss who managed to evade all investigations. He started making a series of amateur mistakes: using a cell phone, chatting. Because it was clear that he had decided to take her. Scarpinado also cast heavy shadows on the police, arguing that no one can be a fugitive for 30 years without police protection. Still at La7, there was great anticipation for the new interview Massimo Giletti to do Salvador BaiardoFormer celebrity The Graviano Brothers Messina foretold Tenaro’s illness and arrest at Giletti last November. But Baiardo retreated at this point, not explaining how he could have made that prophecy, and balked at Giletti’s pressure. Even in front Claudius MartelliBaiardo, who was a guest in the studio, tried to create a ruckus, diverting the discussions from the era of Todo Raina and Bernardo Provenzano to old events.

Baiardo: “Gravianos are not the ones pushing that information”

His prophecy of the perfectly planned capture of Matteo Messina Tenaro was delivered two months before the fact. Arrest The boss on January 16 was discussed for several days. Today is a week after Jail Number One Cosa Nostra, the right-hand man of the Graviano brothers, Salvatore Baiardo, speaks again as he spoke to Massimo Giletti in that November 2022. “I like to make prophecies by reading Supernalotto, these are not prophecies, but subtle and serious things. I’m a poker player, but you can’t always play in life,” Baiardo begins. “Journalists say that there is a rumor that the boss is not well, why didn’t anyone say that, they didn’t write about it? Can’t say which source told me this. The Graviano brothers have been arrested for 30 years and one always has to think that these “boys” were young and did some stupid thing. According to Baiardo’s statement, they would not be the instigators of what was revealed to Giletti. “Rina, Provenzano, Messina Tenaro, where were they arrested? All three in Sicily. Instead the Graviano brothers a Milan. This means they create another life. In 1992 they moved to Lake Orda, where they would stay if they wanted to continue committing crimes. Sicily. How do they want to say this if they want to move away from a certain environment?. It’s not just Gravianos. I speak for others, the people of the Palermo region, not through their mouths.

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“I shouldn’t be talking, it would have been a normal catch?”

In November Baiardo talks about negotiations and Life sentence. “Consulta was expected to loosen the hard prison Maloney Government Instead he intervenes in a hard way », summarizes Giletti. “Gift for who?” But Baiardo did not untie himself. “Prophecy has too many precisions to be a prophecy,” the journalist continues. In August 1992, General of the Carabinieri Dolphin Former Justice Minister Claudio Martelli spoke of the “gift” that was the arrest Toto Rina. In November Baiardo spoke of another “gift” in the same vein. “I shouldn’t have spoken like that, could it have been a normal spasm?” Baiardo replies. “Messina Tenaro didn’t have much to live for, otherwise what happened wouldn’t have happened.” Grazianos’ right hand says no more.


Could a “small gift” come with the new government? We can assume that a Matteo Messina tenaro is a lot Sick And create one negotiation Turn himself in for a sensational arrest? These were Baiardo’s words on January 16, two months before his arrest, ending the boss’s thirty-year tenure. Castelvetrano. In a November 2022 interview with Massimo Giletti Mafia ghosts (La7), Baiardo also declared that state-mafia negotiations “never end.” Again: “Gravianos’ only hope is to have the life sentence overturned”.

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