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Ex Fiat in Novoli, work has begun on the new urban center and exhibition space with balcony

Ex Fiat in Novoli, work has begun on the new urban center and exhibition space with balcony

Florence, July 31, 2021 – No The former Fiat plant in Novoli preparing for Become the new urban center NS Exhibition space with panoramic balcony overlooking Florence. Work began in July to give new life and functionality to the structure, with abandoned plant transformation In a new public, cultural, listening and media center for citizens. The works, to be executed as deductible fees by Immobiliare Novoli, were contracted with the Conpat consortium that awarded the tender with the project prepared by a group of young professionals in Florence coordinated by the architect Lorenzo Malavasi of StudioMAM and shared with the artistic direction edited by the municipality of Florence.

The work done by Immobiliare Novoli will be sold to the municipality of Florence. At the opening of the construction site, after safety measures, the city planning consultant attended today Cecilia del Rey With the head of District 5 Cristiano Bali. Meanwhile, works are nearing completion on the adjacent San Donato complex for the construction of the new multi-purpose centre, for which the municipality of Florence will publish a notice in September to receive expressions of interest for the project to be installed in the new building. Then select the manager. “We have started some highly anticipated work that will eventually lead to Giving new life to the former thermal power plant De Novoli – said Commissioner del Rey – within a lively and increasingly central area thanks to the numerous functions and new infrastructure that in recent years has radically changed the face and life of this part of the city. The former Fiat factory is an important example of industrial archeology, which we will enhance with more functions of openness and citizen participation: from the urban center on the ground floor to tell how the city changes to the exhibition space in the magnificent boiler room, to the public balcony above Florence where you can enjoy different and unique panoramic views Somewhat kind at 360 degrees. To give new spaces to the community, it will also arrive soon Multipurpose space in the center of San Donato, about which we will publish a notice in September to search for proposals for projects to be implemented for an age group from 0 to 99 years, as per the citizenship application.” Novoli district is becoming more and more a candidate for a new city center – said President Bali – thanks to all the jobs that have filled this district in recent years and the new infrastructure created, which in a few minutes connects this district to the heart of the city. Today, we are completing two other important pieces of San Donato’s renovation as opportunities for our community to experience new public spaces with important social, cultural, and associative functions that we increasingly need.”

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Work at the former Fiat thermal power plant. Fiat’s former power plant transformation project includes an outboard one Metallic body reminiscent of the natural design of paper on more

30 meters
and a light tower to let the wind through, with photovoltaic panels for renewable energy, indoor vertical green and

200 meters
From LED lights to scenographic illumination and celebration of symbolic elements to one of the greatest examples of industrial archeology in Florence. The conversion of the thermal plant to simultaneously introduce new functions will ensure that the industrial discoveries located within the structure are preserved. In particular, a large boiler room with a staircase system and corridors behind the windows of the eastern elevation will be restored. On the ground floor, the 360 ​​square meter space that develops between the concrete bases of the boilers will be open to the community with cultural inviting and citizen information. The space will be equipped with toilets, storage and a free meeting and event area, designed to allow for flexible use of the structure over time. The main entrance will start from the public spaces via de Novoli and from the new external staircase with its lifts, but the original staircase connected to the ground floor will also be preserved and restored. New stair tower and elevators, more than

36 meters
In height, it will be the tallest metal structure ever built in Florence, equivalent to a 12-storey building, and will allow you to reach the panoramic terrace built on the roof of the factory. A new glazed safety boundary will be created on the perimeter of the roof to freely enjoy a unique view towards the center of Florence and a shaded metal structure for users, where the photovoltaic panels that will power the new services will also be located. The chimney that was demolished for safety reasons will be reconstructed on the panoramic balcony, with a project that provides for the preservation of the original profile through a light structure of metal slats and the reproduction of the distinctive white and red color necessary to improve visibility in the vicinity of the airport. Both the terrace and the two levels below will be managed by the municipality to build the highest panoramic restaurant in the city. The entire Fiat plant complex was designed by Turin engineer Vittorio Bonadé Botino in the 1930s and completed between 1938 and

1939. L
The purpose of building the power plant was to contain the two boilers to produce steam and thus the electricity would be powered by the self-sufficient lignite.

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San Donato Multipurpose Center. To promote the cultural and social career of the Nuvoli region and to create a reference point for citizens, the municipality of Florence will publish a notice in September with the aim of defining a project to be implemented within the different spaces located in the interior of the San Donato Center, whose work is nearing completion, and then putting it up for tender in order to identify the future manager of the spaces. The new multi-purpose center is located on two levels, on the first and second floors of the main building with a total area of ​​about 2050 m² divided as follows: 1300 m² on the first floor of which 770 m² is a triple-sized hall; 250 sq.m. Five soundproofed rooms (50 sq.m. each); soundproofed computer room of 100 square meters; 180 square meters of services and roads (offices with offices for the public, bathrooms, warehouses). The second floor has an area of ​​750 square meters, including: 220 square meters, a multi-purpose room. soundproof rooms of 50 square meters; Meeting room 110 sq.m. Relaxation room of 100 sq m; 290 square meters of services and roads (offices with public offices, bathrooms, warehouses). The two spaces, united in their function to the public, will have two separate entrances, one on the first and one on the second floor, served by escalators and the elevator of the complex. The center is designed for multi-purpose and multi-generational use based on a high level of acoustic insulation. Projects should ensure the implementation of public free-use activities in the center (free of charge or especially quiet plots), aimed primarily at young people and children with designated spaces, socializing, sharing and playing, as well as learning about contemporary creative arts and multimedia production with attention to special for the use of new technologies; Cultural, artistic and recreational activities and initiatives of an intergenerational nature; Training/working activities such as, for example, classrooms, laboratories for professional development and improvement, and co-working spaces. The activities that will take place in the multi-purpose center, including a limited administrative activity for the users of the center, may also have an economic nature for the manager in order to achieve economic and financial balance for the entire enterprise, and from the point of view of the greater usability and sustainability of the structure and better planning that ensures the maximum use of the center as a multi-purpose space Jobs are available to the community. The Municipal Administration may use the spaces of the Multi-Purpose Center to carry out occasional institutional activities.

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