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Everything returns - libero quotitiano

Everything returns – libero quotitiano

Matteo Salvini Preparing to close the game for Govt. After the election of Ignacio La Russa with Carrosio’s votes, the president of the chamber, Lorenzo Fontana, the League’s undersecretary, could strengthen the axis between the Italian brothers and Carrosio. Government Committee. So the economy box has to go Giancarlo Giorgetti It has already announced that it will be available via XX Settembre. But Roberto Calderoli also enters these waltz positions, he could be an important minister by taking on regional affairs, the center of the autonomy-related moves. And in light of the oversight, we understand the hierarchy behind the presidency of the Senate.

Additionally, the ministry of agriculture, education and inter-university can also go to the league. In front of carelessness in the boxes of government, in fact, words Georgia Meloney: “I think Giancarlo Giorgetti would be a great economy minister”. In short, it looks like the games are over now as the time for the pledge begins to tighten and Meloney could receive the assignment on Saturday, October 22.

At the Forza Italia front, Tajani should go to foreign affairs, Caspari to public administration, and Bernini to the University instead. Alessandro Cattaneo, the former mayor of Pavia, will also be in the running for a ministry. Finally, the possible arrival Guido Croceto For economic development.

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