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Eurovision, Mahmoud starts singing...with looks

Eurovision, Mahmoud starts singing…with looks

Mahmoud and Blanco on the turquoise Eurovision carpet

MachineEurovision Song Contest 2022 I set in motion. It goes without saying that the eyes of the Italians on Mahmoud and Blanco.
.’s first look Mahmoud? never forget. He started his show in pink as he walked the turquoise Eurovision runway. Fans and critics are ready to comment, but the result is largely achieved.

Off to Eurovision 2022

On Sunday May 8 in Turin, at the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, there was the opening ceremony that started the 66th edition of theEurovision. Artists from every country, each with their own sensibilities and tastes, were well received by the public and the media. It must be said that the festival, as usual, focuses on extravagance and the costumes that appear on this first occasion are proof of that.

Blanco returns to Valentino

Eurovision Turquoise Valentino Blanco Rug
Blanco in Valentino

The last parade, as the host country, the Italians Mahmoud and Blanco. The noon rain did not spoil their picnics: “Beer comes and the sun rises!” Smiling Blanco commented to his friend. on notes”goosebumps‘, the artists walked in turquoise carpet middle of applause. total black for blancoIt consists of wide leg pants and a leather jacket. Bottom of the sheer shirt with visible tattoos, a feature of her style: outfit Valentinoconfirming the Sanremo partnership (It’s about the fashion that brought him to our catwalk here).

Mahmoud in pink climbs the stage

Had to dislodge the audience Alexander Mahmoud: The artist, who has already represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, with CapitalAttractive appearance.

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Eurovision turquoise rug Mahmoud El Zey Willy Chavarria
Mahmoud in Willy Shavaria

Black topless jacket, beige boxer shorts and above all “Ballroom Chinos” by the American designer Willy Chavarria: a kind of very wide trouser skirt in pink. The color attracts attention and the size gives it the allure of the protagonist.
There is no point in talking about genderless aesthetics: A Mahmoud She loves to experiment and her looks and being a trendsetter are always studied.
In Sanremo 2022 boast Prada, Fendi, Burberry and Anne DemeulemeesterHe plays carelessly with skirts, laces, oversized sizes, and sheer details. Pink Turquoise Carpet Pie Pants Eurovision It’s an affirmation that yes…we’ll see some good stuff.

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