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Eurovision, honoring Raffaella Carrà is "the saddest in world history".  And controversy erupted

Eurovision, honoring Raffaella Carrà is “the saddest in world history”. And controversy erupted

The most exciting, the most regretful, the most loved. Always and anyway Raffaella Carrà, the undisputed queen Eurovision first night (with a boom in ratings and top 10 finalists, read here)Although he disappeared on the fifth of July (July). On social media, many lamented his failure to perform Eurovision Made in Italy, which would have seemed natural and due to a legendary artist who had always believed in Eurovision.

Thus, expectations of honoring the missing artist were very high It was announced by Laura Bossini two days ago (here is the article). It is unfortunate, however, that the very short curtain on the night of the “Eid” became a boom. The memory at Raffa Nazionale lasted only 28 seconds With a quote from one of his most famous songs while the three leaders danced. Curtain closures with Mica, Cattelan and Bossini imitate the iconic gesture of the back of Carrà’s head.

The protest immediately began on social media. Too short, too little for a huge artist who has given so much to show in Italy and Europe. Many of the tweets are from those who argue that it would have been better left alone if the fast pace of the broadcast did not allow for a proper tribute.

“The saddest tribute to the human mind ever. Ever. In the history of the worldSomeone wrote. “Raffaella Cara can’t be ruled out by holding back a few seconds. You, who sponsored Eurovision so much even when it was not the mass phenomenon that it is today, deserve even more respect! Don’t worry Rafa, you’re in Turin for us,” another Twitter user wrote.It is not a tribute to her. I deserve a little more lift. I am very angry‘, noted a Spanish fan.

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“Raffaella Cara has brought Eurovision back to Italy and Italy to Eurovision. This “tribute” allotted to her is not worthy. But how do you get rid of it in 30 seconds too? Are we kidding? ” People are grateful for the beauty‘, ruled another tweet.

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