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Eurospin still has a problem: Another product has been withdrawn due to microbiological hazards

Another product loved by families is at risk and this time also Eurospin brand food. Be careful what you buy, as it is a versatile cheese, good for first and second courses.

We’ve already talked about Eurospin, which in recent years has become one of the favorite discount chains for Italian families. Low prices and a wide variety of products, ranging from traditional dishes to outdoor specialties, have made the supermarket a trusted brand for many.

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But despite the high demand, Eurospin appears to be going through a critical moment. Recently we talked about another very popular cheese, which is gorgonzola from Italian Pascoli, due to contamination that occurred several days ago. The same company, now, has received another call from the Ministry of Health, again to get cheese, this time Fontina.

Fontina is a semi-hard, semi-hard paste cheese from Valle d’Aosta that requires at least 3 months of ripening. A soft but consistent cheese, with a strong flavor that goes well with different preparations, Good as a side dish and as an appetizer. Especially thanks to the soft consistency, which calls for a good water content and which allows the cheese to melt even at not too high temperatures.

Fontina is suitable for stuffing, which allows you to get a pleasant stringy effect, and as a garnish to put on top of pasta and meat. In short, a cheese that cannot be missing in the kitchen of many homes. but one New emergency Lunches and dinners threaten many families who risk unpleasant trips to the hospital.

Fontina Eurospin: new contamination from Escherichia coli?

It’s been a while since there’s been any talk of Escherichia coliIt is an often discussed bacterium, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Escherichia coli, in fact, is one of the main bacteria in the digestive system, especially the last part and among the bacteria essential for the digestion of food. It must be emphasized that despite the seriousness of the related diseases, E. coli lives in perfect coexistence with warm-blooded animals, including humans.

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Calling Fontina Eurospin
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This is, of course, if the balance and the proportion of bacteria are kept under control, in order to avoid contamination that alters the number of bacteria. Contamination caused by Escherichia coli A A severe form of dysentery with high fever, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and intestinal problems. Precisely for this reason, on October 14, the Ministry of Health recalled a batch that showed signs of E. coli contamination from the shelves.

We are talking about “Fontina DOP” from the Italian brand Pascoli, It belongs to the Eurospin supermarket chain. In particular, this is batch number C2521105286, corresponding to 250gr packets of Fontina, with a maximum expiration date of 11 November 2022. So if you have one of these packets at home, return it to the supermarket immediately, because throwing it in the trash will result in to aggravate the situation.