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Europeans The FdI MEP who took a selfie with Giorgia Meloni is on the can’t-present list

Europeans The FdI MEP who took a selfie with Giorgia Meloni is on the can’t-present list

There are seven “undeliverable” candidates in the European elections on June 8 and 9. The representatives of Fratelli d’Italia, Forza Italia, the Democratic Party and the United States of Europe do not comply with the Self-Regulatory Code of Candidates, the decalogue approved by the Anti-Mafia Commission for all electoral contests, mostly due to related problems. For judicial proceedings. The names were announced yesterday by Chiara Colosimo, head of the Anti-Mafia Commission, on Tuesday, May 28, following the results of the screening conducted by the National Directorate. Among them, Giuseppe Milazzo, an outgoing MEP competing for a seat in Brussels with Italy’s brothers in the Islands constituency and sent to trial in 2020 for attempted extortion in a Palermo court, the trial took place in September.

Selfie with Georgia Meloney

A selfie with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in the Sicilian capital leaves him dead. The two met at the Teatro Massimo on Monday during a ceremony to award an eight billion project contract between the state and the Sicilian region. Sicilian regional councilor Marco Falcone (FI’s exponent) is on trial with Milazzo, another “non-deliverable”. It is precisely through the latter that the MEP pressed – he writes Republic – To appoint his brother-in-law Giuseppe Piazza to the Secretariat of the Autonomous Public Housing Corporation of Palermo. But that’s not all: among his collaborators in Brussels is the former municipal councilor for social services of Paternò (Catania), Carmelo Frisenna, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the mafia in 2010 after being arrested in 2008. Godfathers”.

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Other “Undeliverables”

The list of seven also includes Antonio Mazzeo, the Democratic candidate for the Central seat. In September 2022, Rome’s Cup put him on trial for fraudulent bankruptcy, with the trial set for July “A person who has never had a faith, who has never had to deal with certain circumstances and I don’t understand how he is. Always on the side of legality and correctness,” Massio protested. , explained that the indictment related to the events. Unity He was on the Board of Directors for 6 months.

Three of them are Forza Italia candidates: Marco Falcone, Angelo Antonio D’Agostino and finally, Luigi Grillo. Two of the seven were from Fratelli d’Italia: Giuseppe Milazzo and Alberico Gambino. One of the “United Nations of Europe” list, namely Filomena Gallo. 817 names were included in the survey. Twenty names were then screened, down to nine excluding those who were not indicted or who had negotiated a conviction. No exemption from lists for seven;

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