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Europeans in Baku become a case at Eurovision: spectators are angry غاضب

Europeans in Baku become a case at Eurovision: spectators are angry غاضب

So angry that the English broadcaster BBC I had to apologize even though there was nothing wrong with the signal quality, the pictures and the sound coming from Baku, at Azerbaijan. Incomplete transfer, sometimes in fits and starts, to a match Wales against the Turkey (The two national teams are included in Group A, such as the Azzurri national team) It has also had repercussions in Italy where the suspension is sky. Even in this case, despite its existence, the satellite network does not bear any responsibility for the disturbances that occurred live.

What is the cause of transmission disturbances

Coverage of the event is based on the central direction of Uefa broadcasting from the Azerbaijani capital. The commentator, Steve Wilson, expressed his dissatisfaction and sympathy with the audience for the one-camera event in the first phase of the meeting (it is precisely the one that gets the most attention), with all the inconveniences achieved. The situation was also confirmed in the interval, during the call from the studio. Fortunately, the worst was avoided: UK fans were able to easily see Aaron Ramsey’s lead.

Glimpse of photos from Baku

Another sore point, a quick look at images coming from the Olympic stadium has sparked further controversy considering the distance between the stands (especially for Curva sections, even higher than the stadium perimeter) and the stadium.

Logistics difficulties: a 12-hour trip and more than 6000 km

UEFA’s decision to choose Baku as the venue for some European matches (3 in Group A as well as the quarter-finals) made us raise our noses due to the logistical difficulties associated with long flights and travel arrangements. Seville and Baku are two extremes for Europeans, separated by 12 flying hours and 6,200 kilometers. Turkey, Wales and Switzerland did not take the destination well compared to the ease of the Italian national team playing their home games at the Olympico in Rome, moving a short distance from Coverciano (the headquarters is located in eastern Florence, in Tuscany). ) to the capital.

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