Wednesday, July 24, 2024

European Union freezes investment agreement with China – Altima Aura


(ANSA) – Brussels, May 4 – The European Union has “suspended” its efforts to ratify the investment agreement signed with China last December. This was announced by Vice President of the European Commission Valdes Dombrovskis in an interview with AFP. Dombrowskis explained that the European Commission has suspended its efforts to ratify the investment agreement concluded at the end of 2020 with China, in light of the recent tightening of diplomatic relations between Brussels and Beijing. “At the moment, we have suspended the Commission’s efforts to raise political awareness, because it is clear that in the current situation, with EU sanctions against China and Chinese counter-sanctions, including against members of the European Parliament, the environment is not conducive to ratification. Agreement. ” Tomorrow, among other things – as announced last week – Vice President Margaret Vestager will present the European Union’s shield against hostile takeovers by companies from third countries, a kind of “golden power” designed primarily against Beijing companies that were hyperactive Because of government subsidies, in Europe for years, taking advantage of economic difficulties.


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