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EU, treaty of sovereignty: Letta-Salvini fight erupts

EU, treaty of sovereignty: Letta-Salvini fight erupts

TheUnion of European Patriots, Is strongly desired by the President National Collection Marine Le Pen and prominent politicians Victor Orban (Hungary), Jaroslaw Kaczynski (Poland), Santiago Abascal (Spain) and Italians Giorgio Maloni and Matteo Salvini: The news is enough to blow Enrico Letta’s nose. League for selection.

According to the new secretary of the Democratic Party, the Northern League will be able to support Mario Tracy on the one hand, and this new group formed in the European context on the other.

Another address of the EU

This new alliance, signed by a number of European political powers, was not born to expel states from the EU, but rather to give them an alternative direction, which aims to protect the identity of individual nations. As Le Pen explains, its purpose is to respect the people and the nation, “he said.”People subject to the bureaucratic and technological ideology of Brussels, which imposes rules on all areas of daily life“The European Union must be reformed, which is the intention of the sovereign parties that signed the declaration.

Countries are slowly feeling deprived of the right to exercise their legitimate sovereign powers“, Reads the document as reported Courier. “The use of political structures and laws to create a European superstate is an expression of the dangerous and aggressive social engineering of the past, a situation that could lead to legitimate opposition. We believe it should be based on the cooperation of European countries Traditions, Respect for the culture and history of European countries, respect for the Judeo-Christian tradition of Europe. We reaffirm our belief that the family is the basic unit of our nation. Should be family policy for mass immigration“.

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This new alliance of nature Sovereignty, One day, it will lead to the formation of a 115-member delegation to the European Parliament, which will cause considerable concern to other parties. After leaving EPP, Victor Orban joined Le Pen and the Italians Meloni and Salvini. However, the League’s participation in the European Patriots’ Union is controversial, as the Troika government is very close to Le Pen’s rival, Emmanuel Macron, and is part of the Northern League’s majority. Which side is the league on?

Letta’s Criticisms and Controversy

The Dem Secretary did not leave out the criticisms Enrico Letta Commenting on the League’s entry into the European Patriots Union, he said: “We cannot be European and urban at the same time. One cannot be a supporter of Drake and Orban together. It simply cannot be done. “

The deputy and deputy secretary of the Northern League responded to the leader of the Democratic Party Lorenzo Fontana. “Letta can be quiet“, He quoted Renzi and drowned.”His Socialists were allies of Orban for many years, and until a few months ago, the Hungarian leader was part of the EPP. If he was too embarrassed, he could leave the Tracy government, thanks to the pros, the mess, the reopening and the assets he was often denied. We will not miss it“, He added.” Above all, Letta had already called on the Northern League’s allies to abandon the majority because of the League’s dissatisfaction with the curfew order issue.

About this matter, said Matteo Salvini Played: “I have one Tax Alone: ​​I’m in Italy, Italy and Europe. We support the Troki government because Troki has restored power and dignity to Italy in Europe.“. It is still:”Some European rules, I think about immigration, need to be changed because Italy cannot be a refugee camp in Europe. The Hungarians will elect the Hungarian Prime Minister, the French President“.

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