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EU Plan Draft: “Thermostats drop by one degree in homes” - Europe

EU Plan Draft: “Thermostats drop by one degree in homes” – Europe

The European Union is preparing to ask member states to reduce gas consumption by inviting governments to provide incentives for this goal, by using money from Repower and the next generation of the European Union. According to what is known, the initial draft of the plan to reduce demand for gas, which will be submitted by the Commission on July 20, predicts it. In the draft entry – which is being vetted by the Internal Services and subject to changes – states are called on to offer incentives to companies that reduce gas demand. The goal of the plan, according to the Financial Times, is to reduce the impact of the total shutdown of Russian gas by a third.

During ‘Gas Winter’ (October – March)significant savings can be achieved by using alternative heat sources for heating and through “gas-saving campaigns targeting households.” To lower the thermostat by one degreebut also by imposing, where technically feasible and feasible, Reducing the heating of public buildings, offices and commercial buildings (especially large buildings) to 19 degrees “. This is what was foreseen in the initial draft of the “Safe Gas for a Safe Winter” plan, seen by ANSA.

Simulations made by Entsog (European Association of Gas Operators) indicate that Gas shortage in the event of a complete cut-off from Russia Starting in July, this will result in a stock replenishment rate possibly below the 80% target set for November by the new EU regulation for stockpiling, although good progress has been made so far. Simulations indicate that Storage can be 65-71%”. According to the project, with a decrease in demand, the effect of the Russian gas shutdown will decrease by 1/3.

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