Thursday, July 25, 2024

Escape from Celladica to Brescia, then scenes: Escape


They were needed Many gunshots Point yourself towards the car tires to stop 24-year-old from Prussia, convicted and fugitive, A fugitive from a police patrol who had forgotten him shortly before. The boy was arrested while being treated by one of the wounded soldiers in the shooting, and his condition is not worrying.

The story ends in the district of Santa Anna, via Del Franzone and Luigi Pasoli, but it started at 1pm in Cellatica a few kilometers earlier.

In fact, the plainclothes patrol of Cusco Carabinieri was spotted on the wheel of a 24-year-old old Opel Corsa from Brescia. Prevention order. Unnoticed, they began to follow him, constantly contacting the radio room, and they arranged for a roadblock.

When the offender saw himself in front of the patrol instead of stopping, he accelerated and escaped dangerously at very high speeds. Switching via Dell Franசோois The car lost control and crashed into a wall. For a moment Carabinieri surrounded him, but even this time he did not give up. He tried to accelerate, put on the brakes, and run over the soldiers, who fired at the car’s tires, breaking the car’s windshield and handcuffing him.