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ESA Exomars find a large amount of water on this planet

The good news came from the ESA ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter mission: The probe identified water on Mars. Water is present in a large system of Martian canyons in large quantities. This is an important discovery for possible future explorations with humans. In fact, having usable resources at the destination place, without having to bring them from the ground, would simplify the journey.

probe ESA ExoMars Tropical Gas Tracking Locate water in part of JM Marineris, in the equatorial region of Mars. It is an area with very large valleys totaling 4,000 km in length, 200 km in width and 7 km in depth.

Where is the water on Mars?

Ma la the presence of water on the red planet This is not new. For some time, water, in the form of ice, was discovered at the poles. Now, thanks to the FREND (Fine Epithelial Neutron Detector) instrument from the Mars probe Hydrogen has also been discovered which are supposed to be found inside water molecules.

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So we have proof of The presence of other large amounts of water on Mars. The designated area is the size of the Netherlands and is located in the valleys of Candor Chaus and The supposed water may be in a state of dust. In addition, some features of the region may have prevented evaporation or sublimation at the surface.

One of the study authors, Alexey Malakhov He says he is very satisfied with the latest discovery: “AWe discovered that the central part of Valles Marineris was rich in water, Much more water than we expected. This is very similar to permafrost regions on Earth, where water ice persists permanently under dry soil due to constant low temperatures”.

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Many mysteries remain to be revealed

Despite my enthusiasm for discovery, I still am There are many unknowns to clarify. First of all, we don’t know if the water was frozen or chemically bound to minerals. In fact, the tool Friend From ESA ExoMars Tropical Gas Tracking You cannot provide us with this information.

Certainly there will be in the future New studies and notes Experimental to understand the truth amount of water The present and how it is distributed in the ground. These evaluations are necessary from a The future use of this water, which will be essential to human explorations of Mars in the future, which aim to stay for a long time on the Red Planet.

Part of the surface of Mars contains water –

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In fact, this discovery is critical to Planning for future trips On the red planet and life itself on Mars. It will not be possible to transfer In the amount of spacecraftwater need To survive on the planet or to grow vegetables. Water will also be useful for food production. We just have to wait for the subsequent developments of these studies and the following discoveries.