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Erasmus+ Award, Bobbio’s Comprehensive Institute for Innovative Education

The Instituto Popio Comprehensive Erasmus+ has been awarded the Innovative Teaching Award, along with three other Italian schools. Awards announced by the European Commission: The European Teaching Awards will be officially presented on 20 October, on the occasion of the official award ceremony.

The honor went to the schools of the countries participating in the Erasmus+ program that made their projects, between 2014 and 2020, the key to innovation in teaching and learning, face-to-face and with digital support. The new initiative and the first presentation of the winning institutions were launched in recent days, at an online event attended by Maria Gabri, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth and Simona Kostik, Minister of Education, Science and Sports, of Slovenia.

Bobbio Comprehensive School was selected for the level of education, early childhood care and primary education, while J. Galileiā€ of Treviso, Federico Enriques Institute, in Castelfiorentino, Florence, in connection with higher secondary education. The award for best teacher training went instead to the J Baron Istituto Comprehensive Institute, in Paranello, Campobasso.

The Nature, Innovation and ICT project of the Inclusive Institute of Bobbio Capologo Piacenza has been selected for early childhood education, care and primary level education. The coordinating teacher, Vittoria Volteriani, worked with her classmates and schoolchildren on the theme of the environment, using digital learning and new technologies. The Piacenza School has implemented the Erasmus+ project with partner institutions from Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Iceland and the Czech Republic.