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Epiphany weekend events 2023 in Venice and its province

Epiphany weekend events 2023 in Venice and its province

The last long holiday weekend in Venice and its province, 6, 7 and 8 January 2023. Christmas meetings, still active, come to an end with the last markets and shows. But this weekend will be home to major exhibitions and concerts. Here’s what not to miss.

Befana comes across the municipality of Venice

Befana comes here with events scattered throughout the municipal area of ​​Venice. Many events are organized especially for families and children, as well as the special occasion of seeing the Magi coming out of the clock tower in Piazza San Marco, an event that only happens twice a year: in addition to the day of the Epiphany ( 6 January at 12), the Ascension (details)

Befan’s Regatta

The Regata delle Befane su mascarete returns on Friday 6 January 2023, a sporting event born in 1979 by the invention and inspiration of Nino Bianchetto and Enzo Rinaldo. The initiative, which is part of the “Le Città in Festa” schedule, is organized by the Reale Società Canottieri Bucintoro (details)

Byrola word in Nole

Pirola Parola di Noale is preparing to dismantle the castle after a two-year forced shutdown. The ancient “Festa di a Bifania”, one of a kind, because it follows the ancient ritual given by maestro Giacomo Dalle to Adeno Librelato, two Nollese lovers who love local traditions, will start from the piazza on Friday, January 6 at 3.30 pm. XX September. The relaunch was marked by two innovations. The first is in the name of sustainability. A fictitious lasershow takes the place of the firework show (the explosion of which causes air pollution and scares animals with its barrels). Effects of lasers on musical notes will create a magical atmosphere around the castle. The second innovation concerns the performance of the street band Funcasin to animate the evening spirits in the Piazza XX Settembre complex.details)

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Epiphany at Tolo and its environs

Events across the municipality of Tolo on Friday 6 January 2023, three moments of celebration at the end of the municipality’s many initiatives for Christmas 2022. In Tolo, “La Befana comes by boat in Scuero” is an event organized by the municipal administration and the Association Pro Logo of Tolo, an opportunity for fun for everyone. But appointments are spread across the territory (details)

Last days for ice rink in Mestre

According to the tradition established in Piazza Ferretto, Mestre’s ice rink will be active until 8 January 2023. A real ice rink, for everyone’s pleasure, open every day, with the possibility of renting skates on site (details)

Santa’s Marathon

On Friday 6 January, “Christmas… a Bobby Race” will take place in Mirano, organized by The Wowfactor as part of the Christmas events promoted by the municipality. The non-competitive race of runners dressed in red starts at 3.00 pm in Piazza Martyri. It covers two different routes, one of 2 km and the other of 5 km, with arrival at Piazza Martyr (details)

Bach and Haydn at the Teatro La Fenice

Don Koopman returns to the spotlight in Venice, conducting the orchestra of the Teatro La Fenice, in a concert scheduled for Saturday 7 January 2023 at 20.00 (round S) and Sunday 8 January 2023 at 17.00 (round S), as part of the 2022-2023 symphony season. (details)

Doniolo on the curtain in “Party Theater”.

Last meeting performances with Teatro per le Feste: curtain of dedicated events is Scarpette Rotte, a modern fairy tale written and directed by Emma Dante. Meeting on Friday 6th January 2023 at 4.30pm, at the Toniolo Theater in Mestre. Starting from Anderson’s text, Compagnia Sud Costa West signed a new, more contemporary reinterpretation that appeals to people of all ages, children and adults (details)

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Kandinsky and the European Avant-Garde

Wassily Kandinsky and the European Avant-Garde will be the protagonists of the exhibition at the Centro Cantani in Mestre from 30 September 2022 to 21 February 2023. The event is curated by Elisabetta Parisoni of the Fondazione Musee CVC Veneziani.details)

Jesolo Sand Nativity

The Jesolo Sand Nativity continues to enchant Jesolo with its “sculptures of peace”. This is the title chosen for the 20th edition of the famous Jesolo sand nativity scene, which is increasing in number of visitors every year, establishing itself as one of the most famous “nativity scenes” in Italy and throughout the world. It is on display in St. Peter’s Square, Rome (details)