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Enrico Papi had to make a radical decision: “real health problems” | Today it is reduced like this


Enrico Papi – (photo on Instagram)

A few years ago, Enrico Papi had to make a “radical choice” for health reasons. But what happened to him? Here’s how it is today.

Enrico Papi He is a much-loved Italian presenter who has occupied an important space in the screen world for years.

There are many programs he has presented over the years, “One Morning”, “One Summer Morning”, “Gossip”, “Debutantes and Meteors”, “The Trickster”, “The Kid and the Nerd”.. There are so many!

But the one who gave him the most fame is definitely him.”Sarabande“, the musical game show of which Enrico Papi was the host and then the composer. He created this Popular in the eyes of the publicso much so that many people today still remember him fondly in this role, along with the various characters who participated in it, such as Cat man and tiramisu.

But how are you today? It seems that the “radical choice” he had to make had a huge impact on his life, and even more so on his health, since he made this decision specifically for health reasons.

A “radical decision” after “Dancing with the Stars”

According to what was reported by the “Ok Salute e Benessere” website, Enrico Papi made a “radical decision” when he decided to participate in the “Ok Salute e Benessere” edition.Dancing with the stars“, although he was worried about making a bad impression on stage.

But the problem is that During the first training sessions and rehearsals with the dance teacher, he realized that his body was not able to handle the training. That’s why he chose to “make a radical decision,” but it had major implications for his life.

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Enrico Papi
Enrico Papi – (photo on Instagram)

Four sizes smaller thanks to the DIY diet

thanks for the”A radical decision“To go on a diet, Enrico Papi She lost four sizes, going from a size 50 to her current size 46. This was reported by the website “Ok Salute e Benessere”.

Contrary to what you might think, Enrico Papi However, he did not rely on any nutritionist To get fit and He didn’t even follow a strict diet. As the same website “Ok Salute e Benessere” reported, “I could never follow one of those diets that force you to eat certain foods depending on the day of the week, and carefully weigh and count them. I would have been sad and given up immediately. So there is no point in contacting a nutritionist: I think it is necessary only in case of real health problems. Instead I thought about how much and what I was eating.


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