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"Enough with the fines...the wall with the names of the victims is a space for memory"

“Enough with the fines…the wall with the names of the victims is a space for memory”

“We consider this public space as a wall of memory for the victims of femicide.” Thus, the activists of the Non Una de Mino network began meeting between the walls in the Porta Molina tunnel to put up banners with additional names and titles for the victims of femicide and to claim this space as a citizenship awareness area. Seventy-nine victims are victims since the beginning of the year, 113 victims in 2021 and 96 in 2020. Shattered lives are constantly remembered by activists in the monthly meetings they organize on the “wall” or in the center. But on this occasion, the topic of memory of women and people who lost their lives due to femicide is intertwined with an administrative issue, namely the demand to pay fines of one thousand euros in total for polluting the women. tunnel walls.

“Last week we were notified of the local police report – they explained – with a simultaneous request for payment based on the brigade’s inspection of an anonymous report last August 10, the date we gathered after the sentence had expired. Issued by the US Supreme Court on ‘abortion.’ That is not the case. The first fine is for “non unna de mino.” We have received other fines in recent years, but we do not intend to pay them because we consider this a place of remembrance; The walls have been subject to several vandalisms, the last of which dates back to a few days ago.

“We found the symbol reminiscent of the one on the walls of the building where the Agenzia delle Entrate al Boma is based on our signs and also in 2021 we suffered other acts of vandalism, but thanks to the help of the citizens, it was restored.” These days activists sent a document to the mayor Mattia in costume the resident Chiara Sortino, Alessandra Ricadona And the consultant Gloria Costani To claim the importance of this space. “We believe that we have not disfigured these walls, but we have strengthened them and we hope that this situation will be resolved without further sanctions and that this place will become a place in our city dedicated to the memory of the victims of femicide.”

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