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Energy: How Much Does a Playstation Consume?

In the energy crisis, which continues without end and with ever higher costs, it is good to be aware of the consumption of all the appliances in the house, from the largest to the least discounted. These include the PlayStation, increasingly widespread and present in the homes of Italians. How much does this console consume?

Let’s get into one of the most private and quirky topics of these months: precious energy. This brings millions of families and many businesses to their knees as it becomes increasingly difficult to pay bills on time. Undoubtedly, one of the most used and energy-consuming devices is Play Station.

Let’s see in the next article What are the depreciation and how does it affect the bill?.

Playstation 4: How much do you use in standby mode?

Play Station

We chose to Play-Station 4 performance analysis, the most popular console waiting 5 to take over. Worldwide, according to Sony, it is estimated that more than 115 million units have been sold, which is a real record. Let’s now see what the consumption is in case of ignition: PS4 Slim consumes much less than the Pro version, 70-80 watts versus 140-150 watts.

Play-stations also consume in standby mode, albeit in much lower numbers. there PRO version From the console consume up to 7.8 Watts of Power, leaving all savings options disabled; On the other hand, the PS4 Slim, hardly beats 5 watts standby.

How do we try to reduce consumption?

Play Station

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Now let’s see some tips and tricks Try to reduce the consumption of the PlayStation. First of all, it is a good idea to always check that you have turned off the console correctly and permanently: the most effective way is definitely to check that you have completely disconnected the socket from the power.

In addition, special settings can be set for Prevent the play from staying too long: One of those things is it goes into standby mode automatically.