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Energy consumption, 7 simple tips to save up to 34% of energy at home

Italian Society of Environmental Medicine (Yes, but) And Not-for-profit consumer Present today in Emilia-Romagna “Guidelines” To help families in the region save energy and reduce their electricity and gas bills by up to 34%. The document – prepared by Francesco Cannon and Daniel Guglielmino, members of SIMA’s Scientific Committee – begins with the assumption that energy savings is at the same time a concrete economic opportunity and a duty to the environment as never before. Some studies show that user habits towards the correct use of energy play an important role in reducing energy waste: education and modification of citizen behavior is the area that can generate the greatest reduction in consumption. Large, equal to 34% of the total energy consumption.

“Every action aimed at saving energy has a positive impact on the environment and thus on public health. With this in mind, SIMA has always promoted actions aimed at raising awareness and directing the choices of citizens so that they are more responsible and can actively contribute to simple everyday actions to improve their own well-being and that of others , as well as protecting the local economy today, especially at this historical juncture in which the energy component greatly affects the purchasing power and livelihood of families”, stated Alessandro Miani, President of SIMA.

“At this time when international events make us understand the importance of energy and sources of supply in our lives, through SIMA’s reliable scientific collaboration, we have set ourselves the goal of making consumers aware of the extraordinary properties of the most magical energy of all, namely, savings, efficiency and self-production.” concludes Luigi Gabriel, Head of Consumerism, points out that the energy that has a special charm, energy that can be used immediately, is 100% green and above all available to anyone.

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Thus SIMA and Consumerismo 7 developed simple rules that Emilia-Romagna families can follow at home in order to contain energy consumption and costs:

  1. Adoption of a home automation system to save energy: in this way the management and regulation of thermal and electrical systems will be automatically improved, achieving savings in the range of 20-40%. By adopting a complete system that includes smart sensors connected to electricity users, it is possible to achieve, in some cases, even 50-60% energy savings.
  2. Replace traditional lighting systems with the latest generation of warm LED lights. Replacing 4 conventional bulbs can save you more than 50 euros per year.
  3. After use, do not leave the devices in standby mode. For this purpose, for example, an electrical power strip with an on / off button can be used. According to some estimates, this can save on average about 100 euros per year.
  4. Perform system maintenance. A well-maintained electrical system or appliance consumes less and pollutes.
  5. Avoid using the heating/cooling system without taking into account actual needs. In particular, it is necessary to adapt the use according to: a) outside temperature, b) number of people in the room, c) humidity level, d) actual presence of people in heated/cooled rooms, e) opening doors and windows. Adoption of timers – thermostats and thermostatic valves (if not yet installed) are useful aids in operating the systems.
  6. Promote proper thermal insulation between the house and the outside environment. Protect windows at night or in sweltering hours by closing blinds and blinds or using blinds.
  7. Use electrical appliances efficiently. Use dishwashers and washing machines with full loads to avoid frequent washing preferably at hours when energy is cheaper, avoid keeping lights on in rooms where no one is present and adjust intensity according to actual lighting needs.
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