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Endless Attack.  Another 800 migrants have already landed in Sicily and Calabria

Endless Attack. Another 800 migrants have already landed in Sicily and Calabria

2023 begins with a migrant extravaganza: more than 800 in the last twenty-four hours alone. There were 546 people aboard the fishing vessel identified by the Coast Guard and yellow flames about 26 miles southeast of the Syracuse coast. Yesterday, 198 people were disembarked aboard the coast guard ship Duttillo Catania, 196 at the port of Nuremberg in the port of Messina, and the remaining 152 aboard the Rossella Zonica. They are of various nationalities (Pakistanis, Egyptians, Syrians, Bangladeshis, Afghanis and Iranians) among them many families, some pregnant women with children and unaccompanied minors. About two hours after their arrival, another landing was recorded in Rossella Zonica following an intervention at sea by the Guardia di Finanza, where 78 migrants, Iranians and Afghans, were rescued. The group consists of about fifteen women, including two pregnant women and twenty small children. While awaiting their final destination, all arrivals at the Calabrian port are accommodated in a tug system inside the port. With these two landings, 320 migrants have already arrived in Rosella Zonica as of yesterday. Reception facilities are under pressure due to the large number of guests and provincial councils are working on devising relocation plans. For example, from Lampedusa, yesterday 200 of them left in two separate trips to Porto Empedocles, from where they will reach their final destination in various centers scattered throughout the boot. Yesterday there were 1,208 guests at the 350-seat island hotspot. People who come here know no rest. 500 migrants arrived in 24 hours on various boats, all departing from Sfax, Tunisia. These landings include those from NGO ships. This morning, the Geoparents of Doctors Without Borders are expected to arrive in Toronto. There were 85 migrants on board, 41 of whom were taken out to sea by the NGO ship in a difficult operation as the small boat capsized during the operation, while 44 were transferred from a commercial vessel. The NGO is keen to clarify the activities undertaken at the request of IMRCC in the light of the new rules on interventions by government-established NGOs. “One boy told us. He was killed in front because they had enough money to pay for the trip,” said Fulvia Conde, head of relief at Gio Parents.

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So, with 1,651 landings in three days, according to the official data of Viminale, which began in 2022 in the name of continuity, it recorded the landing of more than 104 thousand migrants on our shores compared to the previous 67 thousand. In contrast to Spanish, which saw 25.6% of irregular entries in 2022, from 41,945 arrivals in 2021 to 31,219 in 2022. The path of migrants also changes, explains the mayor of Pozzallo, Roberto Ammatuna, who is hosting about 250 migrants in his city’s hotspot.

“Compared to the departures we are used to, that is from Libya, he says – the eastern part of Sicily is affected by migrants who travel on the eastern route”. So we treat Bengalis, Pakistanis, Syrians, Egyptians, etc. Those coming from the Horn of Africa and the sub-Saharan region are departing from Tripolitania and Tunisia to land in Lampedusa,” the mayor said.