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"End of pain never felt before"

“End of pain never felt before”

“No disciplinary action.” The regional school office established at the end of the trial was opened against Sabrina Qureshima, the principal of Mondale High School. The headmaster who was caught in a storm for allegedly having an affair with a 19-year-old student in recent weeks. From the first moment he denied any of the allegations: “The truth has emerged, a great personal and professional satisfaction. Clarification is now available.


Doubts have been raised as to whether the teacher, who was appointed head of the educational institution last September, has ended up at the school’s center of internal jealousy and revenge. However, in this regard, the maximum presence of the school office is still there and there are talks with various protagonists of the pin question. Beginning with former Deputy Chief Minister Luigi Botticelli, the Chief Minister had a conflicting relationship with him. According to the school office, the ten-hour interview with the teacher and the stories of co-workers did not reveal any allegations against the teacher.
But in the alleged love story, the students had been chatting for several days. An increasingly stressed voice triggered by screenshots and audio messages of some personal conversations between the two. The situation escalated when some letters appeared on the doorstep of the Monteverde school, such as “Your silence speaks for you”, “You graduated academically”, and “Whoever knows must act”.
At that time the boy’s parents went to the school and talked to the deputy principal and began an investigation through the regional school office into the incident. Investigators clarified in yesterday’s note: “Disciplinary violations have not been identified in the study now completed, so this office will not initiate proceedings or take disciplinary action”.

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The teacher said she had held meetings with the student-school representative during the occupation. “Maybe he spread these rumors to show off to his friends?” The author inferred much from criticism and controversy. Explanation: “He went with me to the police station and lodged a complaint against the comrades they had occupied, and he supported me when I tried to prevent the occupation. The parents were there at the time. “Now, the story is at its first turning point,” he says: “I hope my story at this point will be a role model for all those who can find themselves in the same situation as me – the chief commentary – in the face of all the advice, slander, arrogance and cruelty I hear. Be boldly condemned.
But if the school office’s investigation is closed now, the legal battle now opens. As Lent declares himself: “I urge you to confirm all civil and criminal liability in my case with the same determination”.
In particular, the author’s reference is to media exposure. The alleged relationship actually turned into a lawsuit after the hypothetical chat contents between the principal and the student were released, and after the manager’s excessive exposure, he ended up in a pile of accusations and comments for several days. A scandal was sparked by those sentences in which the privacy guarantor also intervened.

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