Thursday, July 25, 2024

Employment centers report to the Postal Police – MarsicaLive


Avisano. Through the SMS trap, they provoke the unemployed to respond to a job call that may come from a regional employment center but the response inadvertently activates expensive online subscriptions.

This is the technique used by some scammers who for a few days have been flooding the mobile phones of the unemployed registered in the regional CPI with text messages. Regional offices, on the recommendation of the unemployed themselves, included the regional postal police, which immediately activated inspections and investigations in the territory.

Trap numbers start with 899… and messages arrive on WhatsApp on the social network. The unemployed, attracted by the job offer coming from the CPI to which they belong, respond to the message and thus revitalize the services with higher additional costs.

Regional Employment Centers remind you that all members are contacted only through institutional channels, i.e. by regular and approved e-mail, and that all necessary information can be found on the institution’s website for employment centers, selfi.regione. abruzzo. He. She.

It is important to emphasize, and the conclusion of Cpi managers, that offices that contact their subscribers do not, and have never used, messages on the social network whatsapp.

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