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Emmanuel Filiberto de Savoia, the disease that surprised him: he was forced to get rid of it


The Prince of Savoy some time ago surprised him with one of the worst news. An illness suddenly appeared in his life and forced him to take the necessary precautions. He initially underestimated the problem, thinking it was a regular flu.

Emmanuel Filiberto, Known as the crown prince of the house Savoy, Returns to the homes of the participating Italians as the third judge in the program Mary’s friends. Together with him also the singer stash Who previously won the same program with the band ColorsAnd the Stefano Di MartinoShe is also a former dancer for the show de Filippi. Prince immediately received the sympathy of the public and onlookers, perhaps reassessing the nation’s reputation for his family by trying to make his career in the world of entertainment.

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Before friends Participated in many other Italian programs such as: Football fans, junior ball, Sanremo Festival Where he shared one of his songs. An ambitious person who tried to appear for the first time in the cinema and participated in two comedies such as Holidays in Cortina And the wedding.

Emmanuel Filiberto and the news that bothered him

However, the last prince of Italy recently revealed that he experienced a period in his life in which he found himself from day to day in a really difficult situation. In fact, during an interview he said that in 2011 He began to suffer from a disease that he did not think was anything else.

It all started with a cold that did not make him suspicious at first because the prince often played sports outside: thanks to his wife who pushed him for a checkup, he discovered that he had sinus cancer Fortunately benign. What started as a nightmare seemed to be solved with a simple extraction process but This was not the case: Four months after the operation Emmanuel Filiberto back to be important breathing difficulties And they forced him to undergo a second surgery.

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Emmanuel Filiberto- Operation- solocine.it
Emmanuel Filiberto- solocine.it

Now the evil seems to be over, the prince is doing regular checkups and he is fine. she has Understand the value of prevention He became a supporter of fighting cancer.


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