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Emma Maroney: "I stole Maria de Filippi's shoes"

Emma Maroney: “I stole Maria de Filippi’s shoes”

It’s been more than ten years since then Emma Maroon won friends. In fact, it was 2010 when the singer outperformed all the other students and thus began her extraordinary career. But not everything is known about what happened on the evening of his victory. It’s Emma now to tell her fans that. While suffering from a movement, the artist did, in fact, find some “stolen” objects from Maria de Filippi.

Emma Marrone Victory Friends Maria De Filippi shoes
Maria de Filippi shoes

I found the shoes I stole from him Maria de Filippi The night you won friendsAnd he wrote in a story on Instagram showing a picture of the “stolen goods”. Not only: Emma Maroon He also posted another picture in which he admitted to stealing others from the TV presenter Two kinds of shoes. These are two pairs of black open-toed sandals: slightly outdated models, which are hard to wear now.

Nothing serious, of course. Emma Maroon He talks about the theft, but we can assume that it was a gift, perhaps on demand, from the winner of the talent to the presenter. Since the singer attended Canale 5, she’s always had a great relationship Maria de Filippiso much so that after many years the two are still very close.

The presenter often invites the artist to her radio shows, and she gladly accepts each time. When he goes back to school friends He was touched and always explains that “it’s like going home.” From there his extraordinary career began, right up to his last amazing performance, on stage sanremo. to Gucci Wearsthe artist sang “Everytime it’s like this”, taking the sixth place in the ranking.

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