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Emigratis, the “unbridled” return of Pew and Amedeo. Digging On Companion Elisabetta Franchi: “How Long Have You Supported Yourself?”


Irrespective, almost eccentric peasantry. This is how Bio & Amedeo presents itself The Magratites. A mask made of ’80s clogs, feathers, embroidered jackets, bags with a logo in plain sight, high-heeled shoes and fluorescent suits that comedians wear to “hit” some without bets. So they go back between political blunder (which is their business card), trash and clever comedy on TV Pio and Amedeo: Emigratis – Confrontationwhich has been airing since last night and for 4 episodes on Canale 5, (this season also) will be shown in different countries.

Pew and Amedeo: “We criticize respect: for many VIPs, social activities are just business”

Emigrantis, Pew and Amedeo’s political blunder is back on TV

A journey that Pio and Amedeo, also known as Pio Dantini and Amedeo Greco, takes place week after week in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Brazil and Dubai. The major cities in particular include: Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris. This year it will be the characters who will wear clothes buffalone and mexicancommitted to finding a sustainable environmental solution to save the world from climate catastrophe and stop expensive bills. “Two new masks with which we draw the worst of the Italian, who is looking for work at all costs,” they said to themselves at first.. With a substantive record of sarcasm, error, and colorful clothing, the two will use dozens of victims including celebrities from entertainment, sports, fashion and more to find a solution to the climate crisis.

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There is mail for you, Pio and Amedeo appear: «Belen? The tour has started again. Curtain with Salvatore Esposito


Yesterday to keep Pew and Amedeo company were Mahmoud, journalist and science publisher Paola Catapano, designer Elisabetta Franchi (and her companion “Scocon”) and Etoile Roberto Paul. Once again, Flavio Briatore, Rome Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, Ronaldinho, Sebastian Fry, Marco Verratti, Neymar and Ander Herrera. We joke, laugh, without scripts, and also get angry at Pio and Amedeo who manage to bring out the best and worst of Italians and Francesco Banovino who from the audio novel becomes almost the pronoun of the two protagonists. Interviews with guests become fun masks.

The Interview with Elisabetta Franchi (and her partner)

In the home of Elisabetta Franchi Pio and Amedeo, they had a great time, and enjoyed the company of designer Alan: I get how you do it, women have to work and men don’t do shit. You are number one gypsies send women to traffic lights and play cards all day long. Therefore, the comedy duo saw fit to investigate the relationship between Elisabetta Franchi and Alan Scarpelini: How long have you kept it? How many years have you adopted it?“.

Frenchy Musli: I adopted him for 14 years, but I knew him before. When I met him he was very rich and I was very poor. I had a used white Uno, and I didn’t have any. That’s why he’s by my side today. The two comedians come back to haunt Alan: Alan saw us and invested. Not married yet? Alan is like companions who want to get married. If given the chance, she will carry it. But there was also talk of how the designer began her career.

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Trachant style devoid of any label after Felicissima sera, the show returns in three episodes that aired last spring on Canale 5, hitting the format that has made them famous and cult in Italy since 2016.


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