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Emergency Return, What Really Happened - Libero Quotidiano

Emergency Return, What Really Happened – Libero Quotidiano

space walk Samantha Cristoforetti he is an employee stop an hour ago From the control center in Moscow. The decision was made for Security reasonsindependently linked batteries that supplies the AstroSamantha and Oleg Artemeyev suits feeding systems. This ensured the time required for the astronauts to return to the space station safely.

Cristoforetti arrived at the International Space Station at the end of April 27 on the six-month Minerva mission, with American astronauts Crew 4 aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule. Spacewalking, also called extra-articular activity Or Eva, saw AstroSamantha and Artemiev She engages in a variety of activities, including rig installation and a workstation adapter installed on the Nauka Lab unit.

The two astronauts had the task of launching ten nano-satellites designed to collect radio-electronic data and locate the telescopic arm From Zarya to Poisk to provide support for future spacewalks. The two also had to work, among other things, at Asr program (European Robotic Arm) The first robot capable of “walking” around the Russian part of the International Space Station. Lightweight and robust, with a length of more than 11 meters, the boom has the ability to anchor itself at fixed points in the station and to move back and forth on its own. It will serve as the main manipulator arm of the Russian part of the space station. Its seven joints can handle loads of up to several tons, with a wide range of motion for assembly tasks.

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