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Emergency first aid, Emiliano calls on retired doctors and general practitioners to report

First Aid from Umberto I © nc

Yesterday the order signed by Michele Emiliano calls on retired doctors and general practitioners to deal with the growing number of access to emergency rooms in the area and staff shortages in these departments.

Specifically, there has been an increase in emergency room access in the past week (also for citizens “suspected of having COVID”). On August 4, 3,040 arrivals were recorded daily, of which 3% are red, 13% are orange, 12% are blue, 68% are green, and 4% are white, with an increase of about 700 arrivals compared to July 26, 2021.

With immediate effect and until August 31, 2021 – unless extended – DGs of local health authorities and hospitals must urgently call in general practitioners for service (primary care and continuity of care), medical directors working in hospital operating units and even retirees if necessary.

Registration is a prerequisite for ensuring first aid shifts, in accordance with applicable national and regional provisions on this subject. In addition, managers of operating units in Pullian hospitals must ensure maximum availability of beds needed to manage emergency admissions from the emergency room.

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