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Embryos and human remains in industrial barrels found in a warehouse in Bologna.  Owner: "A museum gave them to me, all in order"

Embryos and human remains in industrial barrels found in a warehouse in Bologna. Owner: “A museum gave them to me, all in order”

Human remains And Nuclei Stored in dozens of accounts Yellow stemsIs labeled with Special biological waste And abandoned in the barn in the industrial area GranaroloIn the province Bologna. This is it Mobile team From the Bologna police headquarters on Wednesday evening, he was called by a boy when he arrived at the warehouse Recovers iron and old items In companies in the area. ‘S local publication has published the news The rest is Carlino. A terrifying discovery, investigators are now trying to shed full light on. Police were called Wednesday by a boy who is recovering regularly Iron and scrap metal By companies in the area and its contents Tanks Before loading them into his van.

The nuclei were immersed in a fluid that may have been present Formaldehyde And drums placed in someone’s warehouse Transportation Company, Deleting And Disposal Waste. Investigators, guess one Illegal waste disposalBecause they were considered so, they started immediately Contact hospitals And this Structures HygienicIncluding University Hospital Sand’orsolaAnd the first investigation revealed that the barrels came from a university organization in Bologna. Anatomy LibraryHe probably had them Reasons for study and research. According to the restoration, there was one a few years ago Renewal With Exit the premises It was on that occasion that the containers were taken to the shed of the moving company, where they remained until last Wednesday, when the boy noticed the contents. “Everything is routine, it’s the stuff of a museum, nothing is hidden,” the owner of the company interviewed explained. DGR Roy Emilia-Romagna, He said he did not completely ask the young man to dispose of the waste. “They’ve been in the warehouse. I do not know how many years. If I had wanted to get rid of them, I would have done so for a long time,” he said.

Rector of the University of Bologna, Giovanni MolariHe explained, “The ongoing investigations do not allow a complete and clear assessment of the incident and advise against issuing a notice with due respect to the work done by the investigators. At the same time we are conducting appropriate internal investigations. We will provide full support.

Area, as well as trunks, after inspection Firefighters Of the nbcr nucleus, cast Under seizures, Has already been verified by the attorney’s office, which has a better understanding of the terms of the case pending, which is an offense related to the illegal cleaning of special waste against the owner of the shed, which may ask to clarify whether he or she. Knew the contents of the barrels. Other responsibilities may be traced back to rebuilding the chain of events, especially after the renovation of the anatomy library, why the drums with the fetus ended up in the barn, but many years have passed and some crimes may have been suggested.

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