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Embarrassing Ducati, floundering at the dealer: these bikes are already a faded memory, they are not successful


A real failure for Ducati: these models were not successful and were actually forgotten. No one bought them: what a disappointment

Always brand theCwe had Rather, it is a symptom of excellence. Those who want a high-quality and also beautiful motorcycle choose the Italian brand Red. However, even giants can falter. In fact, some mistakes have been made in recent years, although finding a mistake is still a great achievement. But going back a few decades, there are models that, despite very high expectations, failed to convince the public. there Three models In particular, which, unfortunately, can be considered correct flop Which is a faded memory now.

There are Ducati cars that failed – (Photo Canva) –

It is impossible not to start Ducati Bull Smart 1000 pounds, released in 2005. It represents a motorcycle situation that the public did not like. Neither aesthetics nor mechanics. It was created in limited edition, with only 2,000 examples in existence. It was a tribute to Paul Smart, winner of the 1972 Imola 200 Miglia, but it was not a success. It had a 992 cc engine derived from the Monster 1000 and featured air cooling and 92 horsepower.

The steel frame and Öhlins suspension contributed to the Supersport-derived chassis. When giving a rating for the historical value we can say that it is 3/5, while it certainly has a good collectible value (4/5). Also because today opinions about the Paul Smart 1000 LE have changed and it is seen as a little masterpiece, but at that time it was not a success at all.

Ducati that disappointment

The first was another failure Ducati Multistrada, released in 2003. An example of how to split a line for audiences. Designed by Pierre Terblanche, the Multistrada had a special single-lever rear end and high-mounted dual exhaust. However, the front end, with its “hanging” headlight and glass windows mounted on the handlebars, was highly suspect. It provided a sports trip with high status and tourist ambitions. It was actually one of the first Italian crossovers. The historical value is 2/5, while the accumulator value is even lower: 1/5.
Handling was excellent, but very few people liked its odd shapes.

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Ducati Multistrada, one of Ducati's floundering motorcycles
The first Ducati Multistrada, which did not please the enthusiasts – (Ducati photo) –

Finally, the other failure is the second series of Ducati Super Sport, released in 1998 and also designed by Pierre Terblanche. The first series was designed by Miguel Galluzzi and was very successful, but the second series failed to replicate it. The Supermono-inspired line with some elaboration and without the simplicity of the first Supersport, was not received favorably. It was produced until 2007, but today the Supersport 900 2 Series is considered among Ducati’s least appreciated cars. Low historical and collectible value (1/5), it has a baroque streak and is not very intuitive. It did not win the hearts of enthusiasts and is one of the least loved cars in Ducati history.

Therefore, even a prestigious company like Ducati can have its own niche Moments of difficulty. These models we just revealed were not a huge success and were among the worst in Ducati’s history. Sometimes aesthetic and mechanical choices are made that not everyone, and even many, do not like. Despite this, Ducati remains one of the best brands in the world.


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