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Elon Musk wants to get to Mars but there is already a Tesla in space

As it turns out, Elon Musk’s dream is to colonize even astronomical space. However, if you remember well, we already have a Tesla that “flaps” among stars, asteroids and meteorites.

He probably read a lot of novels Isaac Asimov As a boy, he may have been simply kidnapped by the immensity of the astronomical universe, and the truth is that the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk He has never hidden his innermost fantasy from anyone, a dream of one day being able to reach and colonize Mars, a project on which the company is focusing a lot of resources, at least according to rumors.

Tesla space travel car (popular mechanics)

However, if you remember well, the colonization of space by the entrepreneur … actually began in February 2018, the year in which Tesla Roadster – The first mass-produced car from the home of Elon Musk – ended up cruising in space in a giant marketing operation for the brand that ended up announcing the first time a production car was sent into space.

On February 6, 2018, NASA launched a rocket into space for some Important tests, this is a Falcon Heavy, a rocket of significant proportions but which needs a so-called “pseudo payload” or “passenger” for special testing. For the company, a Tesla Roadster with a special passenger on board was chosen.

where did you go now?

The purpose of the trip was just to experience the possibility added to the orbit of Mars heavy things. The test was successful because even if Tesla did not enter the orbit of the red planet, the experiment showed that this possibility is theoretically possible with a more powerful rocket. But what happened to Tesla and its passengers?

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Starman aboard Tesla (YouTube)

starmanThe passengers of the Tesla Roadster launched into space were nothing more than a mannequin dressed in an astronaut costume, sent into orbit with a copy of the The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy On the dashboard of the car with a sign written on it “Do not panic!”. We still have some photos of the involuntary astronaut, taken by the rocket’s many cameras.

According to experts, the fate of Starman and Tesla may not have been the best: most likely, the car and the passenger left wandering in space after the launch of the rocket. already annihilated From hostile environmental factors, such as a collision with a celestial body. If not, there is a possibility that the car and Starman are still in space, perhaps even more than two billion kilometers from Earth!

Nor do scientists hope for the random return of cars and “drivers”: There is a 6% chance On that day, Tesla returns to Earth’s orbit, smashing the Earth. We may have time to colonize Mars before we see it return…

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