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Elon Musk, 8 former SpaceX employees complain: “He was fired only because we criticized him.” The company denies


Eight employees SpaceXAmerican Airlines Elon MuskThey revealed that they were Fired Because they criticized the founder. Eight workers wrote an “open letter of criticism” against the CEO who, according to The New York Timesamong documents filed with federal regulators accusing the company of revenge against the employees concerned. According to their lawyers, nine people will be fired. In the letter, which has been circulating in an internal conversation in recent days, Musk publicly criticized the “malicious behavior on Twitter” that Musk used to highlight the news that SpaceX had fixed a problem. A sexual harassment complaint In regards. Elon’s general behavior is a recurring source for us Distraction and embarrassmentThe staff deplored the text.

Controversial reaction from executives

According to employee reports, SpaceX managers were initially sympathetic and responsive to the letter signers’ requests and suggestions. Soon after, however, Chief Gwen Shotwell She refuted the accusations, saying: “The letter and the subsequent requests embarrassed the other employees, who felt they were wrong Intimidation And the intimidate yourself Because somebody was pressuring them to sign something they didn’t identify themselves with.” So is the vice president John Edwards who defined the text as “extreme actionExplaining that the authors will be fired for distracting the company and criticizing Musk. Chief Shotwell allegedly sent an email to staff saying the story was false. Still, the case adds to many questions about the practices of Musk’s administration, especially the staff, and his intolerance of dissent.

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