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Ellari Blasi, here are the cars of the new golden song of Italy: a real millionaire car park

Since their separation, Francesco Totti and Hilary Blasi will have to share the super-rich assets they have amassed over the course of their long lives together. In addition to children, there are also machines.

Surely one of the most talked about love stories around Italy was among them Francesco Totti and Hilary Blasi. The two have come to the end of their love story and are now in the process of dividing the assets.

ilary blasi

It will not be easy to manage all their assets and, above all, It won’t be easy to know who to expect what. In addition to the problem of children, An agreement must be reached on luxury goods such as jewelry and cars.

All Totti and Elari Place cars

From the point of view of cars Totti and Elari have bought a lot and it will not be easy to understand how to divide them, especially since some of them cost so much..

Ilary Blasi often posts on her Instagram (which is very popular) profile pictures while she’s aboard luxury and ultra-modern cars. He is very fond of off-road cars, but to get around crowded Rome he often uses a smart car.

Elari Place
ilary blasi

As for Totti, on the other hand, after many years, he has his own car, the number 10 appears when he played for Roma on both sides. Moreover, as of 2022, he also became a spokesperson for Volkswagena well-known German automaker.

But his car crime also contains one Ferrari a Maserati Levantewho went with him to watch the Rome matches in the Olympic and Four-wheel drive cars.

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Other luxury cars one Mercedes AMG-GLE it’s a Ferrari 456 MGTAVery rare and exclusive model. Then there is too Ferrari 612 Scaletti.

It will be necessary to understand how the former spouses shared all this heritage.