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Elisabetta Gregoraci and Stefano Coletti The Truth About The Show Girl

After days of wrangling, Elisabetta Gregoraci Intervenes to give his speech and clarify the position of the alleged relationship with Stefano Coletti. In the last few hours, it was the pilot from Monte Carlo who spoke, who determined that he was not a friend of the pretty Calabrian Show Girl.

Few pictures, post hurriedly deleted, and a series of rumors seem to have tried it out. Stefano Coletti and Elisabetta Gregoraci are engaged. The Rumors On their guild they had actually chased each other while staying home GFVip, Without any confirmation from any party.

As defined by the party directly interested in anyone The latest stories on InstagramBefore talking to the fans, he wanted to take a few hours of thought to better express what he was inside. And this is how the dry denial of a possible new love affair came about:

I received the news immediately Recently spread like you. Love is a great and imperceptible thing, made with respect for people, for everyone’s times and their steps in the same direction. I am still looking for love and I will never stop. When that comes, I’ll tell you. “

From her words, it also appears that Elisabetta Gregoraci did not like the posting of photos that she photographed with Stefano Coletti which have already been deleted. In fact, the photos don’t seem to leave much doubt. But you know, looks deceive and have fooled all those I have spotted A new love story The show girl deserves after all these years of being celibate.

In recent months, rumors have abounded about her love life and are always denied by the person in question. From pilots to rappers: Her so-called boyfriends’ names were different and often fictional, as Elisabetta Gregoraci explained, on the other hand, she has always kept constant even when it comes to talking about her own field.

Stefano Coletti has been a part of his life for several years As a friendHe himself also indicated in the long message he entrusted to social media to put an end to the rumors that have swept the network in the past few hours.

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