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Elisabetta Gregoracci tells her dream: "I wish I had two"

Elisabetta Gregoracci tells her dream: “I wish I had two”

Elisabetta Gregoraci was one of the protagonists of Verissimo Story, Verissimo’s Sunday column in which a series of the most interesting interviews released are reviewed for talk show mics.The showgirl said that her mother Melina, when she saw her today, would be very happy, because “Her grandson Nathan Falco has become a polite giant and she would be very proud of that. However, she remained the girl with the values ​​she taught me and that is what I am trying to pass on to my son.” Ms. Melina passed away in 2010 due to a serious illness, a breast cancerAfter a very long ordeal that began when he was only 36 years old.

Last year, Elisabetta celebrated her mother’s memory with an adorable social media post in which she wrote a special dedication: “Never give up on us. I hope they celebrate you, wherever you are, as you deserve.” Elisabetta has also untied her relationship with her ex-husband, Flavio Briatore, with whom the spark has yet to set in again, other than the rumors swirling around her.We always tend to spend a lot of time together for the sake of our baby. When one is brought into the world, one must ensure that he is always calm. We take a vacation together and Flavio and I work on our balance. At first it was hard to find and then we succeeded.”.

In an old interview, Elisabetta also spoke about the exact moment when she decided to put an end to the story with the Italian entrepreneur: “He neglected me a lot, but something happened that made me very upset. When my mother died, on the day of the funeral, she left me alone to let her in. dance club. From there everything was clicked. It’s not bad, but it can’t handle certain situations. This is something I could never forgive. I wasn’t his priority, even if I was always close to him”. The showgirl also revealed her secret dream of Sylvia Tovanen’s microphones, saying that she really wants two twins, now that Nathan is older, and introduces herself, maybe next time, very right With a new guy by her side.

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