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ELIMINATED FRIENDS 2022 Night Four and Report Cards/LDA Above: Rewrite Help by the Beatles!

ELIMINATED FRIENDS 2022 Night Four and Report Cards/LDA Above: Rewrite Help by the Beatles!

LDA sends fans into ecstasy: Champion returns to the fourth evening of Amici 2022

Once again LDA is the undisputed protagonist To Amici 2022, marking the fourth evening of Amici 21 (broadcast April 9, 2022). After a web controversy, sparked by the third evening – with the web accusing Rudy the Zerbe of obfuscating him, keeping him on the bench for so long and only publishing it at the end of the episode – LDA to Century Luca D’Alessio returns to make himself master of the scene, on the Amici talent stage 2022 (Amici 21 edition). Posted by the mentor in several challenges, to the sound of shows in which the positive judgments of referees Stash Fiordispino, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Stefano De Martino accumulate, along with likes and social approvals of loyal supporters active on the network.

The first performance marking the return of LDA in style to the Amici 2022 theater (Amici 21) is a cover on notes Good Times by Gali, a character reinterpretation of the original confirms that Son of Art is the most popular artist on the current release of Amici 21, a Spotify-record stream among contenders for the number of plays achieved with one song, what hurts. Judge Stash Fiordispino stated, “I must say about LDA that his character stands out more and more and that is the thing that makes me give this point to him.”

LDA’s second performance is on feedback Red flowers, the cult of Massimo Ranieri, which according to the judges and the 19-year-old fan base is another confirmation of the uniqueness of his talent. β€œI am a fan of Ranieri, you did not violate the masterpiece, but you made it accessible to children your age,” Judge Stefano Di Martino ruled.

The third show is an iconic duo with rival friend Luigi Strangis, a cover of the Beatles’ cult song, help! (help!), The duo performs in both English and Italian. The bilingual show is a successful experiment as well as proven evidence that between his teammates, LDA and Luigi, there is a relationship of healthy confrontation rather than competition, between friends as famous as they are in the shoes of the British pop-rock duo you announce “The New Beatles”. “Help me if you can, I’m getting frustrated,” Luigi sings and LDA sings to him: “Help me get my feet back on the ground.” “I’d like to be strong, but I’m fragile, I’m a river in flood, fortified…” Then he sings the LDA between his inescapable bars. “Staying serious is impossible with Luigi!” , declares LDA, amid thunderous laughter in the studio.

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And LDA fans in seventh heaven, as shown between Social comments for approval For him, it was released on the 19-year-old’s Instagram profile, which features the name of the beloved city of Naples on TV: “I love you”, “How amazing you were last night!” ; “You split.” (Updated by Serena Granato)

Amici 2022, Aisha and Crytical comment on their exit from the scene on Instagram

The two who were left out of Episode 4 of Amici 21 Aisha and Crytical have commented on their adventure on reality show Canale 5 through their Instagram profiles, both posting a thank you note to all the fans who have supported them in recent months. One of all the professionals who helped him grow from his teacher, Anna Pettinelli, to whom he wrote: β€œThank you for your continued trust in me and for never asking what I express in my words until Dean have always believed in me and have been my father throughout this journey.” Aisha also wanted to thank everyone with a letter to herself in which she reaffirmed her desire to take care of her, and thanked all the professors and Maria de Filippi. Through the profile of Witty tv on Instagram, the girl admitted: “I’m happy, things could have gone differently and I would have liked it, but it went as it should.” (Adriana Lavecchia update).

Amici 2022, Evening 4 sees LDA as the undisputed protagonist: Report Cards

On April 9, 2022, it will be broadcast on Canale 5 Evening of the fourth day Amchi 21led by Maria de Filippi. The new TV date sees the first challenge of first heat Marking the launch of the team headed by Alessandra Celentano and Rudi Zerbe in a challenge against the team headed by Lorella Cocarini and Raimondo Todaro, with LDA which was rated Good Times by Ghali (rating: 9 and a half, great acting and top character for LDA), in a completely revisited version of Underground, vs. Nunzio Stancampiano In solos from Kairos (row: 8, animal stage). Vince singer I Just Wanted You and What Makes Bad (Amici broadcast record 21), LDA, shut down a web controversy that accused Evening 3 teacher Rudi Zerbe of keeping him on the bench until mid-episode. Amici’s second challenge 2022 sees Sissi Cesana line up with Crazy (vote: 7, beautiful voice) against the pas de deux of Carola Puddu and Michele Esposito at You & Me (vote: 8, beautiful chemistry). The third Amici 21 test is a challenge that lines up Alex (vote: 6, nice voice) against Luigi Strangis (vote: 8, real translator) on the notes of Mr. Lieutenant. The Zerby-Sele team won the first game. In danger it ends up Alex, Aisha, Sissy and the three judges eliminating the second. Aisha is the first to be eliminateddespite a thrilling performance to the tunes of someone I loved (score: 9 and a half, performance in impeccable English, superb interpretation).

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.’s first challenge second term The Amici 2022 license plate sees the team led by Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbe challenging the team headed by Lorella Cocarini and Raimundo Todaro, with LDA and Luigi Strangis challenging Alex with their own Beatles songs, Help (duo voice 8: Beautiful chemistry and excellent theater in a duet that embodies complicity between friends) and let it be (Vote for single: 7, clean performance). Second Test at Amici 2022 publishes Serena and Nunzio in Tuca Tuca (score: 7 and a half, Paso Doble is good) against LDA with Rose Rosse (score: 9, the cover that gives a personal touch to Massimo Ranieri’s cult). The third test sees Michele Esposito alone by a human (grade: 9, elegance and technique on stage) against Sissi Cesana with Tiziano Ferro’s Imbranato (grade: 7, good voice but poor interpretation). The second half was won by Celie Zerbe and ended with Nunzio, Serena and Alex in danger. Nunzio goes to the ballot for the second disqualification of Amici 21.

Crytical is the second game to be eliminated on the fourth evening of the Amici 2022: Marley Awards

Then came the turn Professor’s glove Which sees Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbe challenge Anna Pettinelli and Veronica Piparini. third heat By Amici 21 Begins with the first rehearsal that sees Albee with Take You With Me (voting: 9, singer wakes up in spring) against Luigi Strangis at Cumbrami (voting: 8, artist). The second test sees Mitten Michel (grade: 9, elegance and technique on stage) against Dario (grade: 8 and a half, in keeping with style and good interpretation) on gold notes. The third test sees the gauntlet post Luigi (score: 8, performing as always) against Crytical (score: 7, good performance). Cele-Zerbi wins and Albe, Dario and Crytical end up risking. In the replay against Nunzio – who fascinates with the softness of Ricky Martin (grade: 9, stage animal) – Crytical ends for Round Two in Round Two (Score: 8, excellent run with my unpublished words are weapons). Crytical is the second team to be eliminated from the 2022 Amici Championship Judge Stash Fiordispino suggests that he open his concerts. Crytical and Aisha awarded Marl . Award Worth 7 thousand euros, as they were eliminated from the talent. The TIM award goes to Serena Carella. Guests in the studio, plus Nino Frasica, Sangiovanni. The latter, winner of the singing division at Amici 20, brings to the stage the new curly haircut and new single Cielo Give Me the Moon.

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On the evening of the fourth day, Amici is eliminated 21, Ayesha and Kritkal run Controversy on the Internet which sees network members accusing the jury, made up of Stash Fiordispino, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Stefano De Martino, of having significantly impoverished the singing circuit with the exclusion of two righteous singers.

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