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Elena Martelli’s son dies at the age of 20 from cancer, and Nunzia Di Girolamo cries live on air


Bernardo Marziani died at the age of twentythe journalist’s son Elena Mertelli. This was announced on Friday, June 14 Nunzia di Girolamo during Summer Live, the new Rai program. “This is a dramatic day,” the announcer said. She couldn’t hold back her tears He also gave the sad news to the public.

Nunzia Di Girolamo bursts into tears live

“At this last moment, let us say something that is not easy. It has been a very difficult episode for us and the entire Estate in Diretta team. This has been a dramatic day.”

With these words Nunzia di Girolamo The last episode of Summer Livebroadcast on Rai1 Friday, June 14.

Surrounded by her colleague Gianluca Semprinithe presenter I burst into tears. “It was a bad day because… We left behind Elena Martelli’s little sonHe explained at the end of the broadcast.

Then he added: “On this particular day, I must say that for us, for the whole team, it was very difficult. So we wanted to thank the whole team, but above all we want to send a big hug to Elena and her husband Gianluca.”

Elena Martelli’s son died at the age of twenty

Bernardo Marziani died at the age of twenty, but he had been fighting the disease for about two years. Son of journalist and writer Elena MartelliAlso the author of Summer Live and art critic Gianluca MarzianiIn 2022, he was diagnosed with A Ewing’s sarcoma of the left leg.

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According to what I reported messengerThe young man lived between Rome and Amsterdam, where he studied and was a model. He was so open about the disease that he shared his experience with the tumor and all the problems associated with it on social media.

The illness said on social media

He said some time ago on social media: “This tumor, Ewing’s sarcoma, was diagnosed two years ago, in 2022, locally in my left leg, with excruciating pain that got worse, until my leg “died” and was found.” Bernardo Marziani.

“I did all the chemo treatments mentioned in the protocol, pre-operatively, but shortly before they operated on me, they discovered metastases in my lungs, so they had to change my treatment,” she said. spiegava on TikTok After the deterioration of health conditions.

“It is as if the disease has become chronic and simply needs to be prevented.”

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