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Electricity and Gas Bonuses, How to Instantly Save Yourself from High Bills

In the first quarter of the new year there will be increases equal to +55% for electricity and +41.8% for gas.

It’s going to be a salty year because Rising prices This shows no sign of stopping. After the increases recorded in 2021, goods and services will also continue to increase in 2022, resulting in an overall increase in the costs of many services and products. Not only food and gasoline are on the rise, but so are health services and utility bills. here , “exorbitant prices” It is especially noticeable with the skyrocketing prices of electricity and gas. According to estimates by Arrera and the Electricity, Gas and Water Network Authority, in the first quarter of the new year there will be increases equal to +55% for electricity and +41.8% for gas.

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The increases will significantly affect family budgets. In fact, the Consumers Union expected an additional 1,000 euros for each household, saving a higher expenditure of just 1,008 euros for bills, of which 441 euros for electricity and 567 euros for gas. National Observatory FederConsumatory It calculated an increase of €1,228.80 in 2022, with increases in food, car insurance, banking, motorway tariffs, transportation, household products, health services, catering services, and communications.

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reward came

To meet the needs of many families, a series of measures have been implemented to help families that have difficulty benefiting from them Social rewards for electricity 2.5 million families, while reward for gas It is used by 1.4 million consumers. Arera has boosted the bonuses that will support families in difficulty by about 600 euros and has set the system of installments, for which budget law provides for funding of one billion euros. Therefore, in the first quarter of 2022, Arera will have to lower the relative rates of general system fees that will be completely abolished for electricity users up to 16 kWh. Families with at least 4 dependent children and an ISEE not exceeding 20 thousand euros are entitled to it; holders of income or citizenship pension; Seriously ill people who use electrical medical equipment to keep them alive. System fees for small businesses such as pubs and artisans will also be eliminated.

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