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Electric cars and the environmental transition, politics is shifting in the other direction: the attack is coming

Electric cars and the environmental transition, politics is shifting in the other direction: the attack is coming

In an interview with, Alessandro Lago spoke about the attitude of politicians towards electricity.

Many doubts are haunting motorists about the issue of electric cars. In the next ten to fifteen years, it is decided in Europe to finally abandon thermal engines and adopt electrical value. Many viewed this choice as an unwelcome imposition. At the same time, many, attached to old engines, cannot digest modernity.

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Moreover, all this is certainly not helped by a part of politics, which, in order to ride the belly of the country, throws mud on mud.Electrifying the automotive world. Added to all this, of course, is some fake news leaking out about the subject, which certainly does not help. However, a large part of the population seems to understand the need for more sustainable mobility.

Alessandro Lago has his opinion on the policy options regarding electric cars

Evidence of this is the data on the recent environmental incentives offered by the government, which were sold out almost immediately. In short, there seems to be a desire for renewal in Italy. Of course, the economic crisis that has hit our country hard also does not help, nor do the increases in car prices.

Electric cars, policy reaction
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In this regard, during the recent Electric Days held in Rome, Alessandro LagoManaging Editor of and, the publications promoting the event, Talk exclusively to advertisement: “Unfortunately, politics follows the country’s underbelly. Politics tends to satisfy people’s stomach aches. This becomes a problem because politicians have to make more informed choices. Today politics feeds fear and this becomes dangerous because it does not help you with insight.”

In short, words with real meaning that give dimensions to the situation we are living in Italy. The truth is that some politicians, in order to collect more votes, object to electric energy and raise slogans against it.EuropeGuilty of paying for electricity. The hope is that motorists will overcome these attitudes and pay more attention to this issue, especially for the future, which will necessarily have to free itself from petroleum fuels.

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