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Elections, where everything is decided - Libero Quotidiano

Elections, where everything is decided – Libero Quotidiano

The vote is really close Silence of the elections on me Surveys It also eased pressure from parties on voters navigating the darkness until the September 25 vote. And in order to understand what could really happen in the next few days and especially the evening of September 25, you need to read between the folds, among the clues that experts in the sector may escape, the organizers of the polls.

We have already given you a lyrics account Lorenzo Brigliasco Who emphasized the importance of distributing the vote to the territory in recent days, but now we are turning the focus to the undecided. Remember that about 10 percent of voters decide once they enter the polling station who to vote for. On this front, as stated News.ityou have to take into account the words Alessandra Gesleri From Euromedia Research who asserted: “Nearly one in four undecided resides in the Northeast. And those in the Northeast are reluctant that they will ultimately decide: Most of them will go to the polls because it is the productive part of the country, paying attention to the energy system with which they will operate next.”

Not a small tip. Apparently according to the poll Most of the visitors are located in the Northeast So it is very likely that the final match will be played there.

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