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Election 2022, Leta quits Congress after defeat: "Meloni in government? Conte's fault for defeating Draghi"

Election 2022, Leta quits Congress after defeat: “Meloni in government? Conte’s fault for defeating Draghi”

After failure Democratic Party In political elections, Enrico Letta He announced that he was convening the Congress and, above all, officially announced the fact that he was not going to run for the Secretariat. “I will not run for re-election,” he said. “My leadership It ends when the other is identified”. He will not resign immediately to “confirm the leadership of the Democratic Party with a spirit of service.” Sarah”A congress of profound reflectionAccording to a New Democratic Party facing the challenge of this era, it faces a right that has never been right”.

First, the secretary attributed the failure Giuseppe Conte. “We have fought in every way to avoid this outcome,” he said. “If we get Maloney Government It’s because the M5s defeated Draghi. He then announced: “We will form a fierce and uncompromising resistance. Let’s do it with full force. We are capable, we have done it before and we will do it again. Again: “The Italians have chosen, a clear and unequivocal choice, the right, government to have a right-wing government. Today is a sad day for Italy and Europe“. Despite the accusations against Conte, Letta insisted on a “need.Wide field“Extended to centrists:” The numbers show that the only way to win the right is a wide field, which is impossible for our responsibility, “he said. The action shown by Calenda’s candidacy at the college of Emma Bonino, who helped the election of the right-wing candidate, is “friendly fire”.

Asked if he thought he had made a mistake, Secretary Dem replied: “I was lucky to have some experience, Failures are always very lonely, I have a good conscience that I did what I had to do. We will do all the analysis,” he promised, explaining why he decided not to resign immediately: “There are mistakes, there are, I am choosing in the interest of a party that has to start and convene the assembly. Congress. I think it is better to convene it rather than start other movements that waste time, this is a gesture of my love for the party, my leadership will end once the Congress identifies a new leadership.

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The DMD secretary did not hide his concern over the election results. “We are a strong alternative to this right, we will be vigilant, we will be decisive and uncompromising in being Italians within Europe,” he said. “I was very concerned that there was too much excitement“About the results of the Italian elections,” but in sovereign Europe “. This is a result that will “change the European balance”. So Letta asked for a quick time to create the next executive: “I hope that the Meloni government will be born as soon as possible, the budget law is going to be created”, he said.