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Elden Ring will be tough, but everyone can experience it in different ways -

Elden Ring will be tough, but everyone can experience it in different ways –

elden ring Sarah Difficult, in accordance with the tradition of software titles belonging to this particular category of RPG, however, will be presented to players Different ways to face challenges, allowing for a more diverse approach even to users who are least prone to frustrated difficulties.

Based on the director’s report Hidetaka MiyazakiElden Ring has a difficulty level similar to Dark Souls 3, but on the contrary allows for different approaches to challenges. Miyazaki discussed the topic on the pages of Famitsu, explaining how From Software did not lower the difficulty level but introduced different possibilities for overcoming obstacles.

Elden Ring will be very difficult but manageable

In this sense, the Elden Ring according to Miyazaki is “very difficult, but manageable.” These different methods depend to a large extent on the possibility of being deeply modified Hero CharacteristicsWhich affects the fighting style.

the event stealthilyMoreover, it is a more accurate and usable option in the open world of Elden Ring than in previous games, and it is also possible to collect a certain number of NPCs to help us in battle. In total, we’re talking about 100 different skills related to the use of weapons but not related to individual types of weapons, apparently.

According to the developer, there will also be a greater degree of control over attacks. special system multiplayer Hybrid, moreover, will be able to provide effective assistance to the player, who will be able to team up with other players to take on the most demanding challenges together.

Elden Ring is finally back to show itself at E3 2021 with a release date set for January 21, 2022. In the meantime, we’ve learned that it’s one of the biggest software games, with an open-world map and details.

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