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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree’s Steam rating is on the rise, and fans say they’re not listening to criticism

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree’s Steam rating is on the rise, and fans say they’re not listening to criticism

As we informed you Elden Ring of the Tree of Erdtree It suffered a brief review bombing on Steam after its release, and many users loved it. They criticized the difficultystating that it is too high and that FromSoftware needs to fix the issue.

If initially only 61% of players expressed themselves positively about the game, now The percentage rose to 71%.. Not a huge change, but given the short time frame, it makes sense since it takes a lot of revisions to change the outcome.

What has changed in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree reviews

Desire to get to know the reasons We can see three main factors why FromSoftoware’s RPG expansion rating has improved.

First of all, some players came to leave a review for Counter those precedentsWhile acknowledging the game’s difficulty, many users believe that critics are exaggerating. For example, one user wrote: “Don’t listen to the negative comments. Great swords still do a lot of damage.” Less politely, others simply say that anyone who complains about difficulty is incapable of playing. Another example is a user who claims that he is not good at all and that he always plays at a high level using the strongest summons and that it takes him 60 tries to beat the final boss: in his opinion, this proves that the game is complete. In short, it’s all about how you approach the game: for some, difficulty is a positive thing.

Moreover, apart from the counter-reaction to the review bombing, there is the fact that the game has only recently been released, so those who abandon it early are the first to write reviews (negative of course) while those who appreciate it, finish it and have not yet had time to give In their opinion. Of course, the situation equalizes True mediocre opinion is emerging.

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Finally, it’s not impossible that Bandai Namco’s advertising campaign aimed at explaining to players what they should do to reduce difficulty has had an impact.

The biggest criticism currently is for the technical issues, though FromSoftware says it’s your mouse’s fault.