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Elari Blasey “Spracata” On Air, Video…”

Nicolas Savino, the famous maestro and DJ who in recent weeks has been a columnist for L’Isola dei Familia, revealed in a recent interview what Ilary Blasi does during commercials. This is the curiosity that Savino showed, Elari actually..

During the last episode of the well-known reality show for Channel Five Nicolas Savino Resume presenter who did a very special job during commercial breaks.

This is how the DJ revealed a disturbing curiosity ilary plassi By order of the new version of Celebrity Island

Ilary Blasi and the usual sign during the ad

(19:30) Celebrity Island: This is what Ilary does in advertising

Thursday evening March 24, 2022 The second episode of the new version of Celebrity Island Elary Place, Also this year on top of the famous reality show channel 5, She appeared in the studio with a very sober and elegant look in the color of wisteria.

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To accompany her on this adventure, as always, there are two commentators representing her this time Vladimir Luxoria and Nicolas Savino; It is the latter who has revealed a strange habit of the announcer on social media in the past few hours: this is in fact what the wife of his former hero is. Rome Francesco Totti During ad breaks.

Nicolas Savino makes fun of Blasey

(19:30) Celebrity Island: This is what Ilary does in advertising

“All the time, when there’s an announcement, Ilary comes here because he’s sitting like that.”

Nicola This is how it reveals to the followers of this habit Elari to always sit at a certain point in the studio during advertising breaks; in telling him Savino He points to the chair he chose plassi Allow yourself some rest between one break and the next.
As explained by the same previous letter that amuses help IG . stories Her ankles, which were photographed by her friend and colleague, often swell due to rotating heels, so this explains the girl’s need to sit a lot:

“I have two ankles that are bagpipes” commented wife berries.

next one Monday 28 March 2022 The third episode of the reality show will be broadcast and who knows if Elari This time he will choose a more relaxed and casual look or if instead he chooses high heels.. On the other hand you know, if you want to look beautiful, you have to suffer!

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