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Eisenberg, a former US ambassador, encourages Meloni and Giorgetti.  About Salvini...

Eisenberg, a former US ambassador, encourages Meloni and Giorgetti. About Salvini…

Cepa’s former US ambassador explained that Mattarella’s leadership “will be fundamental” to forming a new Italian government. Washington will watch Salvini’s role “with interest.” Giorgetti? “Very talented”

The President’s Guide Sergio Mattarella “will form the basis” for the formation of a led government Georgia Meloney, “Whom will it serve, and for what position”. Saying that Louis Eisenberg, former US ambassador to Italy under the Trump administration, was a guest at an online event organized by think tank Cepa. Before leaving Italy in early 2021, a few weeks before the birth of the led government Mario Draghi, Eisenberg went up to the Quirinale to say goodbye to President Mattarella. Italy’s reference point for the American establishment reiterated how Colle was reasserted in fluid political situations.

“My experience is that Italy is an integral part of US government operations in Europe,” Eisenberg explained today. “I don’t know why this relationship is changing.” Eisenberg said later that he had met the head of the brothers in Italy: “She found it very harsh,” he repeated.

He added that his outlook for the future is “positive”. However, he warned against Russia (also in Libya), recalling reports Silvio Berlusconi And Matteo Salvini with Vladimir Putin. And from China, he stressed the importance of the security of 5G networks, noting the ambassador’s “grave failure” when Italy signed the Silk Road Memorandum of Understanding. “We will see with interest where Salvini and others will be in the new government. I think it will stimulate interest,” he explained again, raising the risk of problems for Italy on the immigration front, an issue on which Italy’s brothers and leaders of Lega could align themselves. Choosing the right people will be of “critical importance”; Giancarlo GiorgettiLeague’s No. 2 and among the worthy ministers of the economy, “one of the most talented from an intellectual and technical point of view”.

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