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eFootball 2023 updated with patch v2.3.0 let’s see news and improvements –

Updates are ongoing eFootball 2023in this case with the release of Patch v2.3.0 Which applies various fixes to the game and updates the soccer simulation data between them News and improvementsas stated in the official notes from Konami.

First of all, the update brings changes and updates in terms of content and data, especially with regard to Roses from some clubs From the Brazilian championship, but not only. Data is updated for many different players and coaches, as well as kits, billboards, media backgrounds, shoes, comments, and photos. This applies to PC and consoles, but the mobile version also gets some differences in that order.

There are various patches and tweaks applied to the playability of eFootball 2023, with tweaks relating to dribbling, passing, stopping, defending, fouling and AI. For all the finer details, we refer you to Official patch notes v2.3.0 Published in These Hours by Konami.

Finally, some technical improvements have been made specifically for PC and consoles, in order to improve the transition speed of some screens, and to implement improvements to Good luck online and modified some aspects of the various modes and in-game, in order to “improve the overall gaming experience,” according to reports from Konami.

The patch also fixes a large number of Bugs And many more incidents that have been discovered in recent weeks, with a fair amount of modifications applied with the free update available in these hours, after the update that was published last month for the World Cup in Qatar.

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