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Edoardo Tavassi: “Micol doesn’t care about me at all” – Big Brother VIP


Two thousand and twenty-three in the house already started with a bang. Shortly after midnight, in fact, Micol Encorvia And the Edward Tavasi They argued passionately and even questioned their relationship.

Eduardo, disappointed with Micol’s behavior, seems determined to end his acquaintance with the VIPs once and for all, and several of their roommates join him in the van in an attempt to reason with him and restore peace between the two.

“The person who does this doesn’t care.” Tavassi begins, at first trusting only Giaele who soon joins him Eduardo DonamariaAnd the Oriana Marzoli And the Nicole Murgia. Tavasi is convinced that Mikul, offended by a simple joke, acts like this without worrying about putting him in a bad light and making him pass for someone he’s not.

“I got mad because you made her feel insecure.” Oriana explains, returning from a conversation with Micol herself. However, Eduardo doesn’t seem willing to retrace his steps and explain with her: “I will not come back”.

Has the relationship between Edoardo Tavassi and Micol Incorvaia really ended or will the VIP follow the roommates’ suggestions and try to explain with Micol?

“Why end this beautiful relationship to this thing?” asks Yael, convinced that their reasoning is pointless. “I don’t care about ruining a relationship with someone like that.” Eduardo, who does not wish to be with someone who is not very sarcastic and does not appreciate his jokes, replies.

“Don’t spoil the best value in a home” Oriana intervenes, convinced that the feelings that bind them are pure and sincere: “You two are perfect, I envy you.”.

Of all, Nicole Murgia seems to understand Eduardo’s reasons, but despite this, she also advises him to give proper weight to things and not to let emotions and instincts get the upper hand, leading him to make decisions that he may soon regret.

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