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Edoardo Parmesan has been selected among the most talented aspiring physicians in the United States

Edoardo Parmesan has been selected among the most talented aspiring physicians in the United States

Eduardo Tedesco is one of those who “if he puts a goal in his head, he will achieve it.” He is not lacking in courage, so much so that at the age of seventeen he decides to leave for a semester in America, leaving here his family, his friends and his classmates at the classical high school of Romagnosi, along with all the hours of Greek and Latin that he will have to recover immediately (here is just a hint from the perceived uncertainty in the sound).

His academic career at Martins Ferry School in Ohio is remarkable, good grades multiply, along with good experiences. Add A’s (the maximum score in the American grading system) in all science subjects.

He was so distinguished by his commitment and results, that a few days ago, a letter notified him that he had been nominated for the “Future Medical Leaders Excellence Award.” An award created by the “National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists,” which aims to instill confidence and awareness in talented high school students who wish to pursue a career in the medical field.

Attendees, including Eduardo, will hear from Nobel laureates, deans of medical schools, high-level medical professionals, award-winning inventors and scientists. «I have always wanted to be a doctor, and I have very clear ideas about it. I also wrote it in my cover letter for the American school I attended – she says seventeen years old -. My father is a doctor, my mother is a nurse, and all the passion for this job comes from them.”

The arrival of the invitation to participate in the prestigious expert conference «was a great emotion for me, but also for my family – he said -. It is a wonderful opportunity to get closer to what I hope to become in the future and to compare myself with the leading experts in this sector, including the Italian Nobel Prize winner Mario Capecchi: a unique experience.”

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It will be two days – June 22 and 23, 2023, to be exact – intense, full of encounters, emotions and reflections. One of many beautiful experiences that Edoardo has in this reality “very different from ours”. “The attention paid to the emotions and tendencies of individual students is much stronger here – he says -. Starting at school. Here, in addition to some compulsory subjects, we can choose which courses to attend. Moreover, every day there is the possibility of dealing with students of different ages.” And not divided into chapters ».

If she thinks of her future, she will find it there: “I shall surely return to America—she trusts—for my future of work, for here the medical profession is so widely recognized, research is of great importance, and for affection. The matter: I shall miss the family who have hosted me in these months and wish To meet Pat again, another boy hosted by the same family, who is going through the same academic experience as me.”

In January, he will return to Parma, “full of vitality and activity – he confirms -. Returning does not scare me, and I am happy to return with my family, brothers and friends.” But a part of his heart, now, had already left him in what seemed, for all intents and purposes, his second home.